“I really need to stay active, but you know... work, home, meh.”

Is this you?

Think twice. Are you really that busy or is there another sneaky reason why you’re finding it hard to stay active at home? Before we tip you off with ridiculously easy ways to feel the home turf ecstasy, take heed of the following words.

Get your body moving!

The more you move, the more you’ll want to move. It's how you counter-attack a sedentary lifestyle - an emerging public health crisis.

A slight movement early can kindle your jubilant spirit for a full day. We swear, palm to the heart. Just one tiny body maneuver early can arouse your vigorous temper and get you to move more for a full day. Moreover, it generates enough force to flip down the next domino, and the next one, and the next one…

A simple desk exercise can egg you on to pour yourself some water. Taking a walk to the water tap can prompt you to stretch. Stretching can remind you to take up on some yoga in the afternoons. You see, it’s a domino effect from heaven.

Staying more active makes you want to stay more active. Get it? Now, on with the tips!

#1 Morning pajama dance

Snoozing your alarm clocks endlessly, zombie-walking to your el baño, actually hearing your bed luring you back in, bathing yourself in coffee... not a morning constitution.

A guy in white bathrobe ouring coffee on himself

Get moving early instead. Use the veto power, skip the coffee, and jump straight to your early-bird dance or easy morning pajama groove. Thank us later.

#2 Social media detox (or else, penalties)

Does the phone often bait your head into a dork neck fixity? You were just doing it, weren’t you? 😂

Leave it out sometimes, the phone... Lock the doors and seal yourself into your work zone free of one screen. If you can't handle this long-distance relationship, then turn off the wi-fi for 4 or 5 hours a day. See if you feel better just a few days in.

Even better - to wean off the screen time - use your phone during walks only. Be careful though. Don't walk too far off and tell Forest Gump we said hi.

#3 “Buzz off, elevator. I’m taking the stairs!”

Quick maths.

Say you got to mount 60 stairs to get to your front door. If you go up and down 4 times a day on average (it’s probably more), that’s 480 steps a day.

Added up, that’s 175,200 steps within a single year. It’s nearly the same distance it takes you to climb Mount Everest.

Don’t underestimate taking small steps. Just saying…

#4 Sit on your exercise ball

A teletabis bouncing on an exercise ball

Yup, just sitting on this ball helps. It works your core and back like Wakeout works your spirit. It presses you to posture up too.

Sitting on an exercise ball is also not that inviting in the long haul - and we want that, right? It will force you to get up and move. It’s why exercise balls are becoming a cornerstone of workplace ergonomics.

#5 Couch potato or potato on wheels?

Why lie down when you can as well pedal? Wait, what? 😯

If you need hobbies to keep you in shape or a sluggard’s physical activity to break a sweat, a stationary bike is your go-to pick.

Watching TV - doable. Bad weather outside - sin problemas. Social distancing or distance pedaling - all from the warmth of your home. Putting some work in? Well…

Woman peddaling bike at work desk

#6 Get a dog (not a cat, sorry)

Nothing against furry little lions! In this instance though, they won’t get you to move as much as woof-woofs.

Cats, they self-regulate. They groom themselves, go on their own, and are the epitome of laziness. Like, that will help…

Dogs, well, you need to take them out, engage in playtime, groom, walk, train, run… No wonder why Cesar Milan ended up on the Healthy Aging Magazine cover.

#7 Engage in physical activity breaks!

Dance celebration by the ecstaticafrican american person

It’s the only daily routine that feels as easy as slouching. Seriously.

You don’t have to contemplate (thanks notifications) or rely on your willpower (easy-peasy). What’s more, your sunny disposition and physical and mental well-being will attest to its power.

Here are a few you could hop along right away.

#8 Go for a walkie-talkie

No, not the handheld thingie you used to communicate at a distance under blankets (fun indeed). This walkie-talkie - it’s a mode you turn on. Just snatch your AirPods and burst outside!

Zoom calls, e-meetings, phone calls - your new walking prompts. 30 minutes of reclining in your chair swapped with moderate walking activity. Genius!

#9 Walk to your errands

Strengthening the economy by regularly filling up gas? Good for you (and the economy). Remember though, dollars are not the only currency you’re spending away driving to the store - your health is vanishing too.

Get those ankles out for a walk sometimes. Swap big shopping tours with bi-weekly visits to your local grocery store.

Oh btw, walking outdoors is one huge tip in our rejuvenation piece. If you feel the slump kicking in, maybe you want to check this out as well!

How to Rejuvenate Yourself: 14 Easy Ways
At Wakeout we’re on a mission to help people have productive and joyful workdays. An essential part of achieving that is to teach you how to start the day feeling creative, full of life, ready to take on challenges.

BONUS! Wait, but actively

a guy jogging in place

Active waiting is like waiting, minus the nerves and wasted time.

Instead of contemplating life while waiting for water to murmur bubbles, stretch. Better yet - do your chores, groom your dog, do squats, or take 1-minute physical activity breaks. Whatever, just stay active!

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