A weak lower back is easily sprained

Lower back pain is a common ailment of the internet warrior. The internet warrior ventures out into the depths of cyberspace in a sitting position. Their entire daily journey may be had without leaving the safety of the chair. Unbeknownst to us, while we're out in the world of bits, the world of atoms, specifically the atoms that make up our lower backs, is becoming weaker.

A weak lower back is easily sprained (source). Even a strong sneeze or a cough can be enough to cause a sprain or a strain in the supporting muscles in and around our lower backs if they’re already weakened by inactivity - e.g. think abdominal muscles. That's why it's important to activate our muscles often (and posture up). No matter how engaging our digital travels might be, it's important to engage the physical as well, if we want to be warriors in our day-to-day lives (and avoid all sorts of muscle pain), too.

Desk exercises for back tension relief

Wakeout's specialty is making it easy to integrate little desk exercises into your current lifestyle. Wakeout already contains several packs that target your lower back - e.g. lower back stretches. This one is special in that you do it while seated. You can even pull off these lower back stretches at work without ever leaving your chair. It's effective and doesn't cause too much of an interruption of your present circumstance.

Many of the movements provide a moderate stretch on your lower back muscles. Doing these movements a few times, or holding the stretch for a few seconds, helps increase the mobility of your support muscles. They're also unlikely movements that you'd do during your day, giving your muscles additional versatility and range.

1-minute lower back stretch you do at the office or home office

Exercise #1: Seated elbows to knees

Sit up straight with your shoulders blades straight and feet flat on the ground. Smile 😀. Lay the palm of your left hand softly at the back of your head. Let the other hand rest at your hip. Now, slowly bend forward. Reach all the way to your right knee with your right elbow without ever letting your palm slip from the nape. Touch the knee and graciously bring yourself back in the same motion. Repeat with both sides.

Exercise #2: Seated hamstring stretch

Enjoy the seated position and let your entwined hands pay a visit to your foot. Reach down, and gently pull the foot up while keeping both knees bent. Once you got a good grip on your foot, lean back to your recliner without letting go of the foot. Adjust your raised shin somewhere around your chest level. Let your straightened arms and wrapped fingers solidify your seated hamstring stretch. Enjoy the deep stretch.

Your back pain is too stubborn?

Here, we rounded up a little list to help you relieve your anguish. 👇

Back Pain Relief - Wakeout | Healthy Work
Back pain is one of the most common ailments of our time. We sit too long, move too little. This is straining our spine and weakening our support muscles. Here’s articles to help you relieve and prevent back pain.
Back pain relief exercises on a chair
Lower back pain is the bane of our modern society. Our fancy chairs make our support muscles weak. Sitting all day puts unduly pressure on our spine. We neglect our back muscles until one day, “ouch!” we cry out, surprised at the sprain strain pain that bursts out of our backs.
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