Welcome to an exciting opportunity to collaborate with Wakeout, the health app combating the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle. We're inviting influencers, fitness gurus, yoga masters, and health experts to create exercise and stretch routine packs for our highly engaged users. Not only will this collaboration enhance your reach and exposure, but it will also provide an additional revenue stream.

Here's what you get when you create a pack for us:

Custom App Store Page

Get your own dedicated space on the App Store! Showcase your exercise or stretch routines to your followers with a custom page featuring images of your pack, your logo, and your brand. This is a unique chance to increase your visibility and draw new followers to your brand.

Your Stretches / Exercises In Wakeout

Your routine pack will be a featured asset inside the Wakeout app, recommended to our 30,000 highly engaged monthly active users based on their preferences. Each pack includes a link and a bio, providing an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to a new, fitness-focused audience.

160K+ Newsletter Exposure

Spread the word to our extensive community! Your pack and profile will be highlighted in multiple newsletters sent to our network of over 160,000 subscribers, providing even more exposure for your brand.

Blog Post Interview with Your Links

Reduce Stress and Boost Productivity with Wakeout's New Desk Stretch Routine by Francesco D'Alessio

Let your voice be heard with a comprehensive interview on our high-ranking Wakeout Blog. This in-depth feature will reach thousands of people and provide valuable inbound links to boost your brand's visibility, leading users directly to your website and social media pages.

Example: Interview with Francesco D'Alessio

Youtube and Insta Videos

Get the spotlight you deserve! We will produce high-quality video previews of your routine pack, tailored to different platform dimensions. You're free to share these videos on your own channels, providing engaging content for your audience.

Monetize with Our Generous Revenue Share

Turn your influence into income! We offer a revenue share deal where you'll earn a generous portion of every subscription that originates from your personal App Store Page. This means the more your routines are shared and enjoyed, the more you'll earn.

Creating a Pack is Easy

With your camera, lighting, and gear, you're all set to create a fitness pack! You're an expert in your field, and most packs can be produced in under an hour. Simply send us 12-20 routines or movements, repeated five times each for a perfect loop. Ensure proper framing, great lighting, and a beautiful scene, and you're good to go. Once the videos qualify, we'll sign a release form, finalize the deal, and your pack will go live in Wakeout within weeks!


To join our creator collaboration, you need to have at least 50,000 engaged audience members across all your channels. You should also have expertise in any of these fields: fitness, yoga, stretching, productivity, studying / focus, senior health, work health, or physical therapy.

Interested? Contact us!

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