Why subscription?

Wakeout is a live service, not just an app. This means we ship new stuff weekly (usually on Tuesdays), whether it's a new Wakeout exercise pack, new earth-shattering features, or improvements, it's constantly evolving. You're not getting an app, you're joining an evolving product built to serve our customers.

Does it sync with Apple Health?

You bet your morning coffee it does! Check your Wakeout settings to ensure that you've flipped the Apple Health switch to on.

Every active minute you complete in Wakeout is logged to Apple Health as a “Mind & Body” activity. This will count towards closing your daily rings!

What's Healthy Work?

Healthy Work is a new way to work that combines focus periods with brief exercise breaks. See more in our post here:

Healthy Work Timer
Have healthier workdays with the pomodoro-inspired Healthy Work Timer which combines focus and exercise breaks.

How many exercises does Wakeout have?

Too many to count. As of this writing (Aug 19, 2022), there are over 2,000 with new ones dropping almost every Tuesday.

Are the exercises tailored to my preferences?

They are! Every day you'll get fresh recommendations tailored to you and the time of day (morning, midday and evening). If it's nighttime for example, you may get relaxing stretches, after office de-stressers, etc.

I work at an office, not home office. Is Wakeout still for me?

Yes! Get your co workers to join in on the fun! Lot's of companies do exercise breaks with Wakeout as a group.

How long are the Wakeout exercise breaks?

You can configure the length in the settings area. They range from 30 seconds all the way to 10 minutes. It's up to you! (We love the 90-second routines).

Are Wakeouts safe for all ages?

The short answer, yes. Wakeouts are not exercises in the traditional sense. You wont get a six pack with Wakeout (there's one very passionate customer who has, but that's a long story). Wakeouts are low-impact movements designed to be done right where you are. From college students to seniors, Wakeout is used by a wide-range of customers. However, if you're not sure, please consult your doctor.

Which Apple devices does Wakeout support? Do I need separate subscriptions for each platform?

iPhone, iPad, MacOS and Apple Watch. The MacOS app is especially lovely.

✅ One subscription covers all your devices.

I have a pack idea! Who can I talk to?

Talk to the founders! We built this for you. Let us know what exercises you'd like to see in Wakeout and we'll see if it's a viable idea. Some make it, some don't (exercises for cats, for example, wasn't possible. Cat's don't cooperate!).

Email us: hello@wakeout.co

Regarding the free trial, can I cancel and not get billed?

Of course! Sign up for the free trial, try it out and if you find that Wakeout isn't for you, just cancel it and you won't be charged.

How can I manage my subscription?

We've included a nifty shortcut in the Wakeout settings that leads you right to your App Store subscriptions. There you'll find Wakeout amongst all your other apps.

What are the differences between all those subscription plans?

All subscriptions do exactly the same, so just get the cheapest one you can find!

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are handled by the App Store

  1. Go to reportaproblem.apple.com
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  3. If you see the ""Report"" or ""Report a Problem"" button next to the item that you want to request a refund for, click it.

Follow the instructions on the page to choose the reason why you want a refund and submit your request.