Wakeout is a mobile application founded in 2017 designed to counteract the modern problem of sedentary lifestyles.

Mission - To Fight Sedentary Lifestyle

The mission at the core of Wakeout is a significant one - to combat the pervasive issue of sedentarism that has become prevalent in our contemporary society. The objective is to utilize the power of technology to stimulate more active and healthier living.

If Wakeout fulfills its mission to combat the sedentary lifestyle, the implications for society are vast and deeply transformative. A reduction in sedentary behavior would lead to a healthier population, with fewer instances of chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Additionally, mental health could see an uplift, as physical activity often alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Beyond health, productivity levels would surge, fueling creativity and reducing absenteeism in workplaces. The overall well-being of individuals would enhance, contributing to a happier society with better mood, improved sleep, and higher quality of life. Economically, these health benefits would lead to significant cost savings in healthcare systems. Ultimately, Wakeout's success means an enlightened society, aware of the dangers of sedentary habits and the importance of movement for overall health and wellness.

The Problem

Societal changes and advancements in technology have unintentionally led to an increase in sedentary behaviors. People are sitting more than ever, often due to job demands or lifestyle choices, which can negatively impact health and well-being.

What's the Wakeout App?

Wakeout is an iOS application that offers a vast library of mini workouts, or "Wakeouts," designed to fit into any location or schedule. It encourages users to move more frequently, breaking up long periods of sitting with brief, fun, and effective exercises. With over 2000 movements (and counting!), smart AI health reminders, and anti-sedentary timers, Wakeout is transforming how we approach day-to-day health.

Wakeout: Winner of the Apple's App of the Year Award

Founders recieving the App of the Year award by Apple - December 1, 2020

The App of the Year award is one of the most prestigious honors within the app development industry. Each year, Apple selects one app that showcases exceptional quality, innovative technology, creative design, and positive cultural impact. In earning this award, Wakeout joined an elite group of apps that have reshaped trends and made significant progress in their respective fields.

Wakeout's accolade underscored its ingenuity in addressing the challenge of sedentary behavior in an engaging and accessible manner. Its comprehensive library of mini workouts, personalized health reminders, and anti-sedentary features demonstrated the remarkable potential of technology in promoting healthier lifestyles. The award also brought to light the importance of combatting sedentarism in modern society, positioning Wakeout as a key player in this field.

The accolade from Apple added significant momentum to Wakeout's mission and served as a strong validation of its approach to fostering healthier living. Founders Andres Canella and Pedro Wunderlich expressed their excitement and gratitude for the award, viewing it as a reflection of their team's hard work, innovative spirit, and unwavering commitment to making physical activity breaks accessible for everyone.

The recognition from Apple continues to propel Wakeout forward in its journey to revolutionize how we integrate movement and health into our daily routines. It has not only heightened the app's visibility within the global marketplace but has also further reinforced its commitment to making a meaningful difference in the fight against sedentarism.

The Founders

Wakeout was established by Andres Canella and Pedro Wunderlich, two entrepreneurs committed to fostering a healthier society. Canella, an experienced software engineer and creative technologist, brings an extensive background in developing user-centered solutions. Wunderlich, an award-winning designer, athlete and technologist, adds a wealth of experience in product design and user experience. Their combined talents create a formidable team, well-positioned to succeed in the mission to make the world move more and sit less.