Wakeout was founded in 2017 with the understanding that our wellbeing is tied to with how much we move. We're generally feel more energized, creative and happy as a result of movement.

We're more sedentary than ever

Our modern lifestyle has us deskbound, robing us of wellbeing. Prolongued sitting is an energy black hole, as well as the root cause of many of our muscle aches. The more we sit, the less energized we feel, the more we feel we have to sit.

Our mission is to break up long sedentary periods into shorter ones

Wakeout provides thousands of fun, creative ways to move right where you are. Our routines as as brief as 30 seconds, so we make it easy to integrate a little movement into people's daily routine. The goal: breaking down long sedentary periods into shorter ones.

iPhone App of the Year by Apple in 2020

In 2020 Apple named Wakeout the iPhone app of the year for its impact on the lives of thousands of families during the pandemic lockdowns.

Throughout 2020, Wakeout! was the most encouraging partner—one that made it incredibly easy to find the time, and the will, to keep moving.

Apple's App of the Year announcement


Wakeout was founded in 2017 in Guatemala by Andres Canella and Pedro Wunderlich.