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Healthy Moments

How do you like to feel after a full workday? This is the question we ask ourselves at Wakeout every day. We believe most of our customers want to feel fulfilled and balanced. Achieving this feeling at the end of the day is easier than ever with Healthy Moments for...


Wakeout Kids is now free

Today, the beloved version of the Wakeout app for kids, Wakeout Kids, is going 100% free for all. You'll be able to enjoy it on your Apple TV (in glorious 4K), iPad and iPhone. Now your kids (and you!) will be able to add a little healthy screen time to...


Launch your favorite Wakeouts right from the Lock Screen

You might find yourself needing a quick relief for your neck pain. Maybe you need an energy boost to get over the afternoon slump. Or perhaps you need to release some tension in your lower back. Whatever your situation, you'll now be able to launch your favorite Wakeout exercises right...


Arms-only movement break pack for your home office

Steve Jobs once said that "the only way to do great work is to love what you do." How much we love what we do depends on what we do, and how we do it. Because no matter how impactful your industry is, if you're trading personal well-being to perform...


Healthy work customization

Two weeks ago, we launched the new Healthy Work feature, a timer that helps you get more done in a healthier way. It combines the benefits of the pomodoro technique, and the energizing movements of Wakeout. Many of you quickly pointed out that it was missing some key functionality that...


Pajama dance pack, healthy work updates

Add a little lazy dancing to your morning routine Today we're launching a lovely pack that will add a little shoulder and hip action to your morning routine. It's about lazy dancing in pajamas, bad hair and all. With droopy arms and heavy legs, this pack is a great way...


Healthy Work Timer: Aka Physical Pomodoro Timer

Our attention is the most precious asset we have. Sustained focus is the key to meaningful work. To truly focus during work hours is surprisingly hard, however. Everything is fighting for our attention. We're losing that battle to increasingly effective technologies that can loot our focus. Today, we fight back...

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