Our attention is the most precious asset we have. Sustained focus is the key to meaningful work. To truly focus is surprisingly hard, however. Everything is fighting for our attention. We're losing that battle to increasingly effective technologies that can loot our focus.

Today, we fight back with our new feature launch!

⏱ Can you focus on just one thing for 25 minutes?

We're more likely to do something when the challenge is broken down into small, attainable goals. The same goes with focus. Whatever you need to get done, you'll be more enthusiastic about doing it if you break down the time investment required.

Healthy Work makes it easy to do just that. Just select the activity you want to focus on, and start the timer.

⚡️ The ultimate productivity hack: focus + exercise breaks

When the 25-minute timer is up, you're rewarded with fun exercise breaks tailored to you. These range from super short 1-minute routines to 3-minute boosters to help you stay healthy, creative and energized.

Singular focus periods combined with movement breaks is the ultimate productivity hack. You prevent stress from split-brain work. With our tailored, short exercise breaks, you prevent burnout and muscle pain from prolonged sitting. Moving frequently also helps prevent work fatigue, making you feel energized and creative.

The result is that you can produce deeper work for longer.

⚡️ Focus Activities

👀 Never forget what you’re supposed to be focused on
The new Healthy Work Timer keeps you focused by remind you what you're focused on presently. The interface takes the color you chose for this activity, as well as other indicators that keep you focused. The timer is always there, ticking down to the goal. "Just 7 more minutes" you'll tell yourself, thus forcing yourself to stay focused just a little longer. Repeat this over time, and you'll see how much more productive you can be when truly focused on one thing.

✅ The power of short focus sprints

The Healthy Work Timer embraces a philosophy made popular by the pomodoro technique. For each 25 minutes of genuine focus, you get a short break as a reward. Turns out you get more done with short focus sprints than with an open-ended "focus" period. These small leaps of attention allows your hyperactive brain to set aside competing thoughts and ideas in favor of the present task. You know you'll get a chance to divert once the 25 minutes are up.

We hope this new feature helps you become more productive, for longer. Out now as an update as part of your subscription.

Please let us know what you think.

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