How do you like to feel after a full workday? This is the question we ask ourselves at Wakeout every day. We believe most of our customers want to feel fulfilled and balanced.

Achieving this feeling at the end of the day is easier than ever with Healthy Moments for Wakeout, out today.

Healthy without the work

A notification-first feature

Healthy moments are brief breaks you take that help you have balanced workdays.

They're completely effortless, as they're a notification-first feature. During your workday, you'll get little nudges to remind you to drink water, check your posture, take a few deep breaths or close your eyes for a few seconds.

Log your Healthy Moments to Apple Health

Healthy Moments are interactive. When you tap on the notification, you can get a guided breathing exercise, timed eye break and more. At the end of each moment, you can log that moment with a simple tap, and it will automatically get saved in your Apple Health (make sure Apple Health sync is enabled with all the permissions).

Move, Hydrate, Breathe and more with Wakeout

Our goal is for Wakeout to become your Healthy Work Coach. All you need to do is have Wakeout installed on your devices, and we'll do the rest. From smart movement reminders, to hydration and breathing, Wakeout is becoming the essential work tool for thousands of people.

How do you want to feel at the end of a Workday?

We'd love to know how you like to feel after a good day's work. Email us at with your answer.

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