Today, the beloved version of the Wakeout app for kids, Wakeout Kids, is going 100% free for all. You'll be able to enjoy it on your Apple TV (in glorious 4K), iPad and iPhone. Now your kids (and you!) will be able to add a little healthy screen time to get active, burn a little energy and ultimately be more balanced.

Please enjoy Wakeout Kids today for free. Built for both kids and their parents.

For kids and parents alike

A mom and a little girl enjoying exercise in cartoon jungle

Kids love to be active, but they love it even more when we, the parents, get involved. Wakeout Kids has fun exercise dynamics that will make the both of you laugh and share together. Don't be surprised if you get a little sweat going, too.

Themed exercise activities

A little kiddo but a lion

From the depths of the ocean, to the deck of a pirate ship, to the African Savannah, to a virtual synthwave word, Wakeout Kids creates imaginative environments for your kids to "act out". Using a combination of easy-to-follow exercises and charades, kids get active without thinking that they're exercises. As it should be!

Zero-tracking policy

A kid doing exercises in candy land

Wakeout Kids was designed with privacy and security as priority. There are no accounts to create, no ads, and no tracking of any kind. We're parents ourselves, so we understand parent's concerns. We designed it to be 100% safe for kids. You can review our privacy policy here.

Terms & Privacy | Wakeout Kids
Updated August 2022 Privacy Policy Wakeout Kids was designed for the whole family and for your children with parent supervision. As parents, we take privacy very seriously. This privacy policy applies to the app Wakeout Kids (, Children’s Privacy…

Why an exercise app for Kids?

A kid in frozen land

Today's kids are more sedentary than ever (so are their parents). Yet, everyone knows kids need to be active to be balanced (again, so do their parents!). With kids getting so much screen time these days, wouldn't an app that makes it fun to get active help? We thought so, and as far as parents have told us, we're doing a good job!

Get Wakeout Kids for free, today

At Wakeout we use Wakeout Kids daily with our little ones and wanted to share that joy with all of you. We know your kids (and you) will love Wakeout Kids and have a ton of laughs together. We couldn't be more excited to make this move to free.

Download it now here, and search "Wakeout Kids" in the Apple TV App Store.

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