Lower back pain is the bane of our modern society. Our fancy chairs make our support muscles weak. Sitting all day puts unduly pressure on our spine. We neglect our back muscles until one day, "ouch!" we cry out, surprised at the sprain strain pain that bursts out of our backs.

"It's part of growing up", we tell ourselves. "It's part of being a professional", say others. But it doesn't have to be this way! If we give our lower backs some love every day, we can strengthen it into a robust support structure. It's not just about avoiding pain. Having a versatile lower back improves your mobility in nearly everything we do.

A new pack to strengthen your lower back right from your fancy chair!

Today, we're releasing a new pack that makes it easy to strengthen our lower backs and reality-check your poor posture. In the cozy embrace of your ergonomic chair, you can whip out a few movements that zap your lower back muscles—back to life. With little help from your upper arms and torso. We highly recommend doing a short 1-minute routine every day for a few weeks to get your lower back in shape.

Broswe Tab > Search for "Seated back pain relief"

No app? Try a free routine on our YouTube Channel

Here's an effective 5-movement routine that you can bookmark and keep it handy for your daily physical activity breaks. Yes right from your office chair setup:

Even better, if you feel like doing more to support your back health, here's another one!

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