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Luciano Kovacevic

Steer Clear of Sedentary Death Syndrome - At All Costs!

We know. At this point, even the chickens are clucking the be healthy mantra. "Stay active (cluck). Obesity rates are flying higher than Starlink satellites (cluck cluck). The sedentary lifestyle threatens everyone including your moderately active dog (she's probably not doing enough)." The list goes on and on and the...

Luciano Kovacevic

Healthy Workday Checklist

A healthy lifestyle isn't made up of just one big thing. Rather, it's a bunch of small things that add up over time.   Sure, becoming a marathon runner or starting a vegan diet may help, but let's be real, do you really need to go that far so suddenly? Instead...

Luciano Kovacevic

Ergo-proof Your Work Environment

No one wants to leave their job with aches and pains. Absurdly though, many of us do end up grumbling around to our colleagues over a coffee. At best, we just end up listening about it from others. If you're tired of the 9-5 grind being exactly that - an...

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