The title is a fill-in-the-dots exercise. If you’re on the fringes of burnout – or deep within its grasp – you’ve got your own words. The ones that we use here, with some thoughtful gentility, include:

  • Fried
  • Frazzled
  • Crispy
  • Numb
  • Beyond dejected
  • Overcooked & overlooked
  • Put yours here! Why? Because naming the beast is the first step toward healing.


Yup. Burnout is not a health condition. But it can lead to them, including the biggies – heart trouble, cancer, diabetes. In worldwide terms, burnout is an international workplace phenomenon.

Back to your health and healing – burnout can be nipped in the bud before it's got you in some gloomy health shackles. It’s downright creepy – it's stealthy, sneaking up on bright, dependable workers – people like you. Two signs are exhaustion and job detachment.

Another is that burnout devilishly messes with relationships. Friends have given up calling you for an evening out, or day of fun. And here you are, blaming problems on your not being up to par. Wrong!

Physical Activity Breaks Beat the Burnout Beast!

Taking action helps to banish burnout! Wakeout has all kinds of physical activity breaks just for you! They'll get you up and moving. Quick action every 30 minutes becomes a burnout-breaker. Heck, you might even get a goofy grin going! Bottom line:

Time to show that nasty monster who's boss!

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