There are two types of people in this world.

Morning larks that thrive very early in the day and morning sloths that move at the same speed plants grow. Regardless of what type you are, could we all agree early birds wake up to a fresher start?

Good. Very good.

Now, we took a close look at how morning people behave early in the day. It turns out there is something rather curious they do right - it’s not just hitting the sack on time and waking up earlier - and it has a lot to do with movement and energy output from the moment they get out of bed.

A young woman dancing in her bedroom

They seem to be able to bolt straight to laughter, cold showering, moving around the house, and packing lunch for later. Some of them, whom you might falsely assume are possessed by happy minions, even sing aloud clenching on a pen that acts as a microphone, run a 10-miller, do funrobics, hurl their limbs to dancing, and nothing else short of peppy and lively.

Here is the secret - larks go to action straight away. They shorten the gap between hating their alarm sounds and charging through rooms and halls.

So, larks and sloths here are good news for all of you. We bring you a way to spring to life without even taking your pajamas off - some straight out of bed dancing to help you shake off that groggy feeling.

We promise, even if you’re a slow starter, this spot-on dose of light movements will make your morning vigor echo through space. More importantly, the moves will jerk you to realize mornings should be nothing short of amazing and precious.

Try a 1-minute morning dance routine in your pajamas

If you're still more of a night-owl type, voila! 👇

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