Yoga exists to relax the body and discipline the mind.

This ancient form of wisdom, that’s been evolving for centuries, is far-known to vitalize the mind-body connection. In the west, it's mostly famous for its capacity to relieve stress.

Actually, in Bhagavad Gita, the most credible and respected source of authentic Yoga philosophy, the meaning of Yoga is described as a -

"Deliverance from contact with pain and sorrow".

Yoga “soothes the pain” not just by the means of prolonged stretches and physically demanding positions. No, the meaning goes a lot deeper than that. It is said, “by moderation in eating and in resting, by regulation in working and by concordance in sleeping and waking, Yoga destroys all pain and sorrow.” So, let us repeat, it’s not just stretching.

Don’t worry, though. We’re not trying to kick-start your Yogi journey here. We also won’t go all Sadhguru-deep into the matter. After all, we're talking about office yoga for stress release... But, bear with us for a moment.

Balancing poses at the comfort of your desk

Just like Yoga, Wakeout in essence is about bringing balance into your life. Yoga enriches your mind and body because our lifestyle deprived us of, well, the fruits that feed the mind and body. Wakeout, similarly, provides more of what your static, unmoving limbs are craving during an 8-hour window - a body movement. Activation of your mind and spirit, by the means of waking out your body. All this is for an evening out of your imbalances, freeing you of back aches, stretching your back and torso, and releasing the chair-composted tension.

Since we hold Yoga so dear to our hearts, we also wanted to bring Yoga to your seated bum. Here, a chair yoga to set you free of tension and relieve stress without persuading you to leave your desk. Actually, let’s use the desk for this one and help you fend off the bodily stiffness and mental burnout.

The desk is the new mat. Namaste.

6 desk yoga exercise breaks to release work tension

Breathe deeply as you do these. The breath plays a vital role in melting away all that work tension. Go for 30 seconds of each yoga pose, trying to remain as present as possible.

1. Unravel


2. Honesty

This one should help you posture up.


3. Appreciation


4. Inne Strength


5. Safety


6. Self Esteem


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