Ever encountered a gym rat?

Well, they go all in on workouts and usually push the hustle narrative down to the rest of us - that tears, sweat, and inflammation are the only real way of doing things. Pictures hanging on the walls of gyms mostly confirm this bias. Y’know, the usual stuff…

  • Never quit, suffer now, no days off!
  • Winners don’t quit, it’s not an option.
  • Go hard or go home, or unsubscribe from the gym - NOW!
  • Grind, pain, ugghh, push, kill, squeeze, crush, beat, you get the point

Just googling “gym quotes” will confirm the notion that it really does sound that bad... feel free to fact-check. 😂

As the spokesperson of workout n’ chill - ipso facto physical activity breaks - we’re here to say otherwise. Don’t get us wrong, tension is good and sweat is good, but not when you overtrain. There is no shame in taking it less, well… seriously.

The results of enjoying your workout?

Centenarians - people who age like wine and live a lot longer than fitness culture exists - can teach us a lesson in training. After all, they have every right to, they’re (still)living proof of things done right. Almost all of them engage in physical activities they enjoy the most and can keep on going until they’re 110 years old. We guess that eliminates losing your joints in your early 30s.

It’s not just centenarians and us… A bunch of professional athletes also sit far away from the red-hot hustle culture. They want their careers to last, not their bodies to burn out light-bulb style.

A senior woman enjoying a fun, outdoors workout

A whiz of Firas Zahabi, a long-time head coach of MMA fighter, Georges St.Pierre, holds onto rather curious principles. He never wanted anyone to get sore working out. He always encouraged his trainees, including Georges, to have fun sparing and training - and anyone else thirsty for hard punches, he would politely escort off the floor mat. It's a gym for Davids, not Goliaths.

Actually, Georges said during his years fighting, he did zero strength training and had always prioritized longevity. Georges, some 63 bruises and 5k joyful workouts later, went on to become a world champion in two divisions, retired as a champion, and is widely regarded to this day as the best mixed martial artist of all time.

Imagine... all of that while enjoying training sessions. 👏

Results and joy can live in harmony

It’s proven time and time again that we don’t have to go full force. We can even fit it into our super busy work schedules. So, mute the rigorous noise, be like centenarians and Georges, and have a world of fun doing these exercises!

#1 Silly office folklore


#2 Be-like-George moves


#3 Marimba style


#4 Almost-serious squats


#5 Growth stretches


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Movement breaks you can do at your desk, at work or in your home office. Frequent active breaks are a proven way to reduce neck and back pain, as well as help you feel energized through the day.
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