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Front kicking is not just your self-defense mechanism, Bruce Lee's weapon of choice, or a Karate Kid finisher. No, no - there’s more to these leg air-cuts than meets the eye. They are a fine way to get you in a better groove instantly. What’s more, they’ll get your blood pumping, turning you into a midday dynamo.

What are front kicks good for?

The front kick embodies basic movement that works multiple muscle groups. It stretches your hamstrings, hip flexors, and glutes, while engaging your cardiovascular system with low impact on your joints.

If you’re looking for an exercise to invigorate your energy levels, beef up strength, and add to your mobility all at once - well, look no further.

How can front-kicking help with the afternoon slump?

Well, when you're slump-dunked or fatigued even, your bloodstream and energy levels pare down to thin levels. Call it an afternoon swamp even - your vigor levels resemble that of a stale wetland.

Front kicking can counter this. Aside from working your muscles, they get your heart pumping and support brain vascularization. This - if you’re still trying to wrap your head around it - is an antidote to your stock-still, swampy, sluggish slump of an afternoon.

4 front kicking exercises to beat the slump!

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Remember, our goal is to stir up your cardio. So, do each exercise for 30 seconds with only a few seconds rest. Repeat the moves 2-3 times depending on your fitness level.

#1 Knee kicks (Knee raises)

Stand vertical to the ground, hands down low. Bring one knee to a 90-degree angle with a sharp movement. Raise your opposite hand up like you would when running, simultaneous with the leg movement. You thighs should end up parallel to the ground. Keep your shin loose and hanging and hold for 1 second. Lower your leg. Repeat the motion with the other side.

#2 Basic front kicks

Arms bent in a boxing stance, held in front of your head. Lift your leg knee-first and then kick your foot forward. Lower your leg and repeat with the other side. The same-sided arm should follow the movement naturally by extending downwards.

#3 Straight-leg kicks

Stand up straight and stiffen your kicking leg. Without bending the knee, raise your leg to a 90-degree angle and lower down in the same motion. Do the same with your other leg.

#4 Push kicks

Pick the knee up above the waist level. Kick your left foot and extend the hips forward to complete the full motion. The left arm should go down in tune with a raised leg in a chopping motion and help you extend your hip even further. Don't allow gravity to pull your leg down but turn your hips back to your primary stance and lower your leg down slowly. Repeat.

And that's it! You are finished!

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