We, modern adults, have many things in common: our love for beautiful sunsets, a weird uncle, and our unending search for a better wifi signals, to name a few. Another thing we have in common—lower back pain. Eight out of 10 adults will experience back pain at some point. It's as they say, the common struggle often caused by excessive sitting that bonds us as a people.

How to release lower back tension?

Lower back pain is caused by our favorite pastime: sitting. Sitting for a while puts incredible pressure on your lower back. And since our fancy designer chairs now come with lumbar support, our back support muscles are left purposeless and go into an existential crisis. When we eventually stand up to pick something up, your back muscles are, but a feeble collection of fibers strained to its limit to keep us from folding over like an overcooked noodle. The worse scenario is when you feel lower back pain after moving furniture.

The following are good ways to stretch your back. These lumbar spine stretches are also pretty great at easing back pain or helping prevent it. Doing these every day got rid of my back pain, though granted, my plight wasn't chronic. However, these do work if you're harboring a little resentment in your lower back, I recommend you add this as part of your daily bodily care. Remember, your back muscles need attention. A relationship can't survive on neglect.

5 tension-releasing lower back stretches to do on your chair

Here, if you wondered how to stretch your lower back, we bring you the 5 back pain chair exercises. These seated low back stretches might add up to relieve pain in an instant.

#1 Bow and twist

Gently pull out your back stretching chair, or what other folks call - a chair. If you were looking for a good way to stretch your back, this is it.

Remain in a seated position (of course), arms behind your back, and gently lean forward with your back straight. From a bent position (head to knees) touch your right knee with your left elbow and vice versa.  Go back up and repeat the other side, right elbow to a left leg.

PS. You might feel this seated hamstring stretch in your abdominal muscles as well.


#2 Torso rotations

For this one, you'll remain comfy in a seated position. Begin the same, with palms of your hands held behind your head. Rotate your upper body to a 90 degree angle and hold for a brief moment. You'll feel your abdominal muscles on this one as well.

FYI you don't need your feet flat on the flor. Feel free to bend the foot as you tilt sideways.


#3 Elbow to knees pain stretches

If you can feel that stiffness deep inside, this chair exercise for lower back pain will save the day. No need for a stretching device because, for most people, this is the best way to stretch lower back...

Same position, seated figure, same rotation, but this time just lower down your upper body. Let your left-side elbow touch the sides of your knees. Hold it for the few seconds as it will allow your lower back to stretch nicely. Again, back up and miror the motion with the other side.


#4 Torso circles

Now let's warm up your sore back and make sure you feel that upper muscle pain relief. Hold your neck straight. Imagine balancing a glass bottle on top of your head - this should help you mimic the movement to perfection. Start rotating your torso in a full circle with palms rested on your kness. With feet flat, circle around a couple of times.


#5 Torso lateral stretch

Here's some chair yoga for lower back pain and yet another exercise for tight lower back and torso.

For the final deep stretch, clasp your hands together and cross your fingers. Pick them up above your head with elbowas straight. Nice! Now, stretch your torso sideways while keeping everything else fixed. Gooood, really good!


Thanks for giving these chair exercises for low back pain a try. If you need more to stack up a bulletproof back pain relief routine, search no further 👇

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