Our lower backs get a lot of punishment. But not from overuse, but from under use. You see, lower backs that are left unattended for long become frail and prone to complain. That's why adults wake up stiff as a board. Our core muscle ache in pain at the slightest movement. This makes us feel restrained, limited. We can't move the way we'd like to (to pick up a pair of socks, for example) lest we're willing to hear our lower backs scream in agony.

This can be prevented, generally (obviously, if your pain is chronic, see a doctor, will you!?). The way to prevent lower back pain is to use it constantly. You need to engage your lower back muscles through stretches, exercises and rotations. You should also add a lower back warm up to your daily morning routine. This will give your muscles a little added mobility to help you start the day.

We've covered in detail why our lower backs sprain so easily. If you have a minute, you should give that a read. Keep in mind that it's not just the theory that will save you from agony. It's the daily practice.

Why prolonged sitting causes back pain and ways to defeat it
Four out of five of us will be affected at some time. That sure makes you sit up and take notice!

This exercise routine is one you can easily add to your daily morning ritual. In less than 3 minutes, your lower back will be oiled and warmed up, ready for action. Do this often enough, and you'll see that some, if not all, of your lower back problems will dissipate.

A 3-minute lower back warm up for your morning routine

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