Walls. They surround you. There they are, some are knee or shoulder height. Others are lofty, like those in a grand country cabin or cavernous library. Some walls hold artwork. Others are like a blank canvas, awaiting a special way to show off some wall-wonder.

That’s all well and good. What about the days when that wall space closes in on you while you sit at your desk all day? You end up with work overload – signs of burnout – a short fuse. Time to use those walls for your wellbeing. You read that right.

Turn to that blank wall, speaking to it of its magnificence!! What? No, you’re not going to paint it or create something to hang there. Think of it – you’ve had it with all day, every day sitting pains. That sweet open wall is about to become your newest piece of stay-active equipment. Time to dust off your impressions of what walls are for. Welcome to Walls that WoW!

How Wall Exercises Work For You!

Lucky you! You’re entering the land of wall-wonder and how to become more active and balanced in a vertical way. You sit at a desk all day. Your butt grows numb, even as your posture slumps. Your nose is about ready to scrape the keyboard. You’ve become an ergonomic mess!

Don't worry – you're not about to slump like the guy getting ready for work. He's burned out and wishing he too worked at home, staring at his personal wall space. Here's hoping someone fills him in on how to live that dream and have time for movement.

That begins with making yourself a priority on that endless ‘to-do’ list. Not tomorrow – right now! Here’s what you stand to gain:

  • You’ll use many of your large muscle groups – that's a strength and balance benefit
  • Regular reps of these will strengthen your core
  • A decrease in the numbed-out effects of  prolonged sitting on muscles
  • Relaxation–yup, some of these are designed specifically to offer a quick dose of calm
  • Then again, others offer the goodies of isometric exercise
  • Improved digestion
  • Perkier posture
  • A fresh way to break free of a sedentary lifestyle and too much sitting

Guess what? Wellbeing at work never felt better–it even changes your view of the world!

Tips for Healthy, Happy Wall Workouts

It’s easy to think that wall space workouts are a breeze. Sure, that may be the case for some fit, young, go-get-’em athletic types. For the rest of us, that being anyone from 9 to 90, here’s some ideas to make your wall time worthwhile:

  • Put on some tunes–your favorites that have a soothing tempo.
  • Focus on your breathing–before, during, and after.
  • Go slow – your wall’s not going anywhere – allow plenty of time to gain strength, doing so over days and weeks.
  • Block out times for your wall embracing physical activity breaks.
  • Include transition phases before and after to perk up your work-life balancehydrate and munch healthy snacks.
  • Wear foot gear that has flexibility and is non-slip–yup, it’s fun to go barefoot too!

6 Sensational Wall Exercises for Fun & Fitness

Best wall exercises add superific strengthening to your desk job workout. Plus, they boost wellbeing at work! And, as with many of the other Wakeout routines, these don’t require any extras.

Another part of making the most of wall routines is to stay smart and safe. Yup, that’s another go-slow hint. Plus, if you live with back or joint issues, please consult with your doc or therapist before diving into these routines.

1. Wall Slides

A set of these will get your wall workout off to a good start. Wall slides are designed to boost your posture power. At the same time, your shoulders get strengthened. So do your deltoids, trapezius, and rhomboides. That means your upper body, fore and aft, gains from these.

Ease over to the wall, aligning your back against it, top to bottom. Keep those feet hip width apart for balance. Extend your arms upward against the wall. By now you’re already feeling the power of this seemingly simple exercise. Keep your arms against the wall as you slide them down until your elbows are a few inches from your sides. Keep your back firmly against the wall as you do a comfortable set of reps: slide down and push up.

There! Your upper body is warmed up and ready to go for it with wall pushups!

2. Wall Pushups

This classic is a great way to strengthen your chest, triceps, and core muscles. They get worked as you push away from the wall with your hands at shoulder height. Begin by standing arm-length from the wall with your feet below your shoulders. Slowly ease yourself toward the wall with your hands fully against its surface. Hold for a few seconds, then slowly push back to standing. Focus on your breathing.

Start with just a few reps – you want to have some umph left for your next wall workout! Over time increase your push up rigor by moving your feet further from the wall and increasing the number of reps.

3. Wall Sit

This isometric exercise is great for strengthening the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and core muscles. Stand with your back and shoulders against the wall. Position your feet shoulder or hip width apart and a foot from the wall. You’ll hold your hip, knee, and ankle joints steady as you slowly slide down the wall as in a wall squat.

Take your time with the wall sits as you lower your back so that you’re sitting at a 45-degree angle. This is beneficial if any muscles or joints get cranky as you move. Hold for a few seconds at the outset. Repeat a few times. Increase duration and number of reps as your muscles strengthen. You’ll really feel this one working your legs as you move toward a full wall sit with both knees and hips at 90 degrees. No need to push through that far – this is for your health and wellness, not job performance!

4. Wall Plank

This is an awesome way to strengthen your whole body, with special perks for your abs and rib cage. Start in a standing position, facing the wall with your feet about two to three feet away. Lean forward slowly, placing your forearms on the wall, forming a 90-degree angle at the elbows.

Keep your back straight and core tight, holding this stance for a few seconds. Repeat, increasing the length of time you hold the plank–do so only as comfort allows. As your strength increases, you can increase the number of reps.

5. Wall Lunges

This exercise tones the legs and butt. Yes, let's not forget that it sculpts those thighs! Start in a standing position facing outward with your heels against the wall (make believe this guy's right heel is on the wall). Take a big step forward with one leg into a lunge position, keeping your right knee behind your toes to avoid injury (we approve of his stance). Hold for a few seconds before pushing back to standing. Now lunge with your left leg.

An alternate lunge approach is to stand side to your special wall space. This way you can stabilize yourself by placing one hand on the wall, then reversing sides for a balanced workout.

Side note: We're happy to see this dude out in nature – we suggest he unplug for a deepened lunge toning.

6. Wall Mountain Climbers

Yup, whether or not there are mountains nearby, this one'll help you scale to muscular greatness. Your heart rate increases along with core muscle strengthening. Face the wall, standing with your feet 6-8 inches apart and 12-18 inches from the wall. As you gain strength and tolerance, you’ll be able to move your feet further from the wall. Place your hands shoulder-width apart directly in front of you. Your elbows should be engaged but not locked.

Raise one leg at a time so that your knee becomes flexed. The ultimate goal is to flex your leg so your knee is waist level. Move from your right leg to your left, pacing yourself for strength rather than speed. Begin with 10 reps and increase as cardio and muscular tolerance increases.

Hey! While you’re up and at it, this is the perfect time to try some of Wakeout’s fun and stellar physical activity breaks. The boxing exercise is a super way to get a cardio 1-2 punch going while you’re all warmed up. Back warm-up, on the other hand, may give immediate relief from low-back pain.

All of these aid in keeping fun in play and stress at bay.

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