There are a number of benefits to working out before bed. For one, a bedtime workout is convenient for people. Things settle down and focus becomes a possibility. Truth be told, the best time for workout is whenever you have a chance. Do intense exercises earlier though - no weight lifting or vigorous exertion before sleep! Going hard before hitting the sack and having high energy levels won't help you fall asleep.

Second - if approached the right way - these exercises can help you reduce stress and ease your body and mind into sleep free of tension. Yes, it's a nice beginner-friendly bed routine that sets off a cool-down timer for deep sleep. It also might ease your health conditions. We can even see the way it could support your weight loss and contribute to getting rid of body fat.

Lastly, but not leastly, bedded work-outs will flush you with a wave of happy hormones before sleep.

So, Daredevil, get your outfit ready (or leave the jeans on) and join us for a quick 10-minute bed workout routine. You may just find that it's the best way to end your day, nourish your health, and fall asleep like a baby.

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Night power!

Finding time for other stuff during the day - you wish, people! It's already hard enough to find time for sleep, isn't it?

With so many demands on our time and our attention scattered to pieces, we're no strangers to feeling like drinking from the firehose. Maybe a stressful day at work made it impossible to engage in anything (else than work) with a clear focus.

Luckily, there is one hiatus during the day for most people when it's much easier to settle down: nighttime. Yup, right before going to bunk. When the hustle and bustle have died down, we finally have a chance to realize there's ME in this life equation. Aside from journaling or bonding with loved ones, it's the perfect time to appreciate health and squeeze in a workout before you go to sleep. If you're aching in chronic neck or back pain - before bed is when you go for it.

Sound sleep thanks to bedtime workout

A woman covering her eyes before sleep after a light workout before bed

How late to exercise before bed and can you even do it?

Of course, you can! As long as you're not doing heavy cardio before bedtime, don't let anyone tell you that exercising before sleep is a bad idea. Sure, you might be a little more energetic if you work out within an hour’s window before it's time to doze off. Also raising your core body temperature too high is not a smart idea for an evening exercise. So, maybe going to the gym before bed should flee the schedule.

However, this systematic review and meta-analysis do not support the claim that easy-to-moderate evening workout negatively affects circadian rhythm and night's sleep. In fact, quite the contrary is true - an easy nighttime move-grove routine seems to provide better sleep quality.

Does exercising at night affect sleep?

Well, exercise before sleeping does affect your shuteye quality. Whether the effects are calming or sleep-disrupting depends on how you pace yourself and how long before sleep you hose to move around.

Remember - if you want quality sleep, just avoid vigorous physical exertion and heavy weight lifting before bed. You don't want to raise the body temperature to much before sleep - especially if you suffer from sleep disorders! The primary goal is really to reduce stress and wind down, not to lose weight, get rid of body fat, or gain muscle weight. We have other programs that could support your weight loss, but those are not best done at night - and we have more than one study to confirm it.

There's one condition though. Make sure you're ending your workout before bed at least an hour before turning in. Other than that, enjoy!

Does exercise before sleep help?

A quick workout before bed hits the spot!

A man tasting something signaling it's perfect

Snacks don't - not even the healthy ones!

A few spots actually… By engaging in movement prior to sleep - again, not high-intensity exercise - you're subscribing to many health and bodily benefits of exercising before bed. Here's what researchers have found out.

Better body mood 🙆

The research suggests that those who exercise in the evening show 20% higher resilience in reaching exhaustion. According to study findings, this means you could slightly intensify your evening groove.

Happy hormones replenishment 🎉

Research suggests there are more of those (hormones) available that help you build strength (testosterone) before nap time. Also, once you're done with a workout, you'll surely restock your health with much-needed endorphins before you lie on your back to sleep. Preserving a nice hormonal balance will also help to prevent obstructive sleep apnea which can negatively affect your sleep and health.

Replacing bad habits 🔄

Smoking, snacking, binge-watching... not the best for your health. It's best to kick those out with a sound nighttime routine before bed and sleep. Moderate-intensity exercise performed before bed, science says, could help support your I-quit attitude with practical advice and keep up with a good nutrition.

What else do you need? Join us! We promise, it's a world of fun!

A Bed Workout Practice

13 Drills for Better Mood, Happier Body, and Restful Sleep

Do each drill for 30 seconds up to 45 depending on your fitness level. Take a breather for the remaining time within a minute window. Arnolds of this world will maybe push through without taking a breather or doing extra exercises from a plank position. Others - and this could be lazy person's exercise plan - will maybe want to take it easy. Remember, the goal is to keep it light to moderately intense - 10 minutes is just enough - to avoid disrupting sleep.


Before we actually break a little sweat, let's first get our engines up and running. Here are three drills to re-sync your body consciousness.

A bunch of our readers' health is suffering some form of lower back pain. If that's the issue on your end as well, you can head here and focus on warming up your lower back first.

Exercise #1: Anxiety relievers

Relax, we won't jump straight to aerobic exercise. 😁


If you're still feeling the nervous build-up after a stressful day or have your brain running at full speed - time to soothe out your heart beats a little before sleep. Let's bring intention to the practice by slowly letting our upper body glide.

Starting position - sit up straight with your feet flat on the ground, and legs in a naturally relaxed position. Straighten your arms high up from your shoulders, and slowly let your palms rest on your forearms/elbows while still holding your arms airborne. The left hand is holding the right arm, and vice versa - the right arm is held by the left hand. Both arms are resting on top of your head.

Now - just like someone's gently touching your side abdomen, pushing you sideways - let your upper body wave from the right side to the other side. For extra sauce - close your eyes and enjoy the movement.


Exercise #2: Laptop rainbows


Time to put the workstation to a better purpose! Before you do - if you're still glued to your screen - turn off the blue light emission (switch to night mode).

Sit down comfortably with back straight and legs in a normal stance, heels on the floor, toes pointed forward. Place the laptop (or a book) on your right side. Lift it up with both hands. Firmly though, we don't want your laptop falling flat to the ground. Imagine there's a rainbow encircling your body from a hip level. Now, let the laptop slide over the rainbow from your shoulders - around the world - from one to the opposite side. Slowly lower the laptop on the left side, and slowly lift it up from your right knee on the other side.


Exercise #3: Wonder woman


OK, superhero. Time to forge ahead strong. Clench your fist and lift your arms up with shoulders and elbows bent at a 90-degree angle as a starting position. Flex and squeeze - you should feel it in your hands, forearms, upper arms, and shoulders.

Transition slowly - still flexing - into a shield pose with your palms facing your head. Slowly go back to the original stance feeling your shoulder blades almost touching.


Dynamic Practice

The cool part begins. Get ready to feel a little burn! 🔥

#4 Cushion rainbow holds


More rainbow activity! This time they conspire to help you maintain a strong core and raise your body temperature. Instead of just sitting with your spine in a straight line, we'll ask you to lift your legs up. Knees bent, butt squeezed, right knee touching your left knee in front of you. Only your glutes remain in contact with the ground, legs are airborne. Time to fire up those core muscles.

Now, take the cushion and again, make a circular motion around your body aura. Both hands holding the pillow! Your head should be in line with the spine. This one will fire up your shoulders, upper chest, but mostly your abs.


#5 Leg scissors


After a day of work, abs become deprived of activity. More than any other muscle group, for good health and vigor you need a strong core. Here we go, a little core stability exercise to spike your heart rate and engage lower abs...

Again, with only the glutes resting on the couch, lift your legs up. If need be, support yourself by holding both arms horizontally to your upper body, on the couch. Lie on your back if you have space. Move on to cut the air in front of you with your legs straight - scissor style. One leg up, another down. Left leg straight, right leg the same. Repeat. Feel the burn. Viva la core strength!

Remember, keep your legs straight!


#6 Energy clean up

You could call the next three exercises a bed aerobics segment!


Goood! The hard part is over. Loosen up, there'll be no push ups from here on - just some soothing body cleansing. Btw this is as close as you'll get to aerobic exercise.

For a starting position, stand up straight with feet hip-wide (normal stance). Start by half-squatting with legs close together and letting your hands flutter down your body. Once your palms are at knee level, call it deep enough. From there, as you rise up bring your hands up like you would if you were making a snow angel. All the way up though, it's a full windmill! Aaaaand down again. Repeat the motion.


#7 Horse stances


This one's pretty straightforward. Let's fire up those legs a little! Those of you looking to build muscle, voila!

So, assume you're riding a horse, how would you stand?

Feet flat on the floor, toes pointed sideways at a 30-degree angle, hips stacked, quads tight and parallel to the ground. Bend the knees at a 90-degree angle. Bums out, back in arch position. Good, now lean your trunk forward at a slight 10-degree tilt, core tight. Lastly, bring your left hand together with your right hand and fix them up parallel to the floor as well. Shoulders strong. Squeeze the palms of your hands together to feel more strength in your chest.


#8 Forward bows


For the next activity, stand up straight with feet on the floor and slightly more than shoulder-width apart, toes pointed slightly outward. Keeping hips stacked, point your toes just a hair outward, feet flat on the ground. Lift your hands up, and let the palms touch facing the wall. Good, you're in a starting position.

Slowly lower your hips and knees until your torso and straightened arms end up almost parallel to the floor. Perfect. Core tight and lower abs squinched. Hold for a few seconds and slowly return down again. Repeat.


#9 Free sweeps


Oh, you'll love this closing exercise!

Hold the same exact stance, legs wide apart, toes pointed outward. Slowly lower your upper body forward. Bend your knees slightly (legs straight almost), back relaxed, and slightly curved. Surrender yourself to gravity. Arms loose, hands underneath shoulders, swinging freely in the air. Let the blood flush your limbs and head. This is super nice before winding down for sleep.

P.S. If you feel dizzy in your head, don't force it! One rep and a short one is more than enough.


Bonus Exercises to Promote Relaxation

We're done tensing those potent muscles of yours. Now's the time to rest up with a bedtime workout. Lie in your own bed if you want to or get a yoga mat. Settle down, and take a breather.

#10 Sleep crescent moon 🌔


Stressful day no more. Let's release tension (what's left of it), drop the body temperature, and feel a great stretch in your arms and thorax!

Let's switch to a bedded activity, open up those tight sedentary hips, and soothe you into a sleep mood. Get in your sheets and your right knee bent first, your left knee following and then bring your ankles to the crease of your hips. If you're a breathing rubber, point the sole of your foot to the room ceiling.

Again, arms up in a straight line, fingers crossed, palms facing the ceiling. Bend at a hip level to both of your sides and hold for a few moments. Stretch both your right hip and your left hip. You want to make sure you switch sides, keep the legs crossed, and repeat! Or gently wave from your left side to your right side. 🌝


#11 Sleep spine twist in bed🙆

From here on, lying-down exercises.


If you do this one right it's 100% sure to make you fall asleep like a baby!

For a starting position, lie on your back before you lie on your back to doze off 😂. Lean to one side and angle your legs at a 90-degrees so you form a T shape, your right leg coating over your left leg. Arms extended at chest height in a straight line, airplane style. Your upper body should strive to rotate to the opposite side of your right leg, following the palm of your left arm. Rotate your left arm, palm moving outward to feel the deep stretch in your leg, spine, chest, and arm.

The more you force this stretch the more you'll feel it in your spine. It's completely OK if you hear a few cracks coming from your lower back - not the bed - as long as you don't feel any pain. Switch sides and repeat!


#12 Sleep pillow bows

More nighttime stretches for better sleep!


Lengthen the spine - calm the mind. A bed workout constitution before sleep! If your back spasm at night, you might want to check out these lower-back stretches.

Rest in the lotus position, knees close to the bed. Place the pillow in your lap. Walk your hands over the sheets, slowly lower your torso, and reach as far as you can. The further you go, the more you'll feel it in your spine and torso. Release and repeat.


#13 Physiological sigh in bed

If you have difficulty falling asleep, this may be just the remedy.


Double breathing can truly save you the anxious nerves and set you up for a deep sleep! This simple and easy exercise has amazing effects that are sure to bring some much-needed relaxation and calmness before you hit the hay for sleep. Let's take accomplice in the air.

Lie on your back in bed or sit comfortably for a starting position. All you have to do is lie on your back and take a deep breath in and then push your lungs to the max with an extra inhale. Then, exhale slowly for 7-12 seconds, repeating this 5-10 times. After a while, it may bring down your heart rate and even start to make your head feel light; don't stress - just take a pause.


Key Takeaways

  • Healthy bedtime workouts are easier to integrate into your schedule
  • Research confirms night-time movement should end at least an hour before sleep
  • Study suggests training before bed can help you relax, boost your mood, and provide better sleep quality
  • Research shows that people who work out before bed show 20% higher resilience in reaching exhaustion
  • Bedtime drills can be done at home before sleep

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