Can exercises make you smile?

If you often find yourself in a bad mood that looms over your day, a simple sitting exercise break might just help you feel better. A negative mental state affects your performance at work, making it difficult for you to think clearly.

If this scenario describes a typical work day, then it’s time to engage in mood-improving exercise breaks that will make you smile.

Imagine being able to release back tension with a series of 1-minute exercises. That'd make you smile, right? Even better, imagine that pent-up energy being gone just by performing body movements made to make you smile. Interesting right? Smiling more can make you a happier person, and this could help to enhance your productivity in no little way.

Smiling more can make you a happier person

The catch is that, a simple smile, even if self-induced, makes you release serotonin-the happiness hormone. This hormone helps you to feel much better, satisfied, and revitalized to get more work done. With the feeling of happiness comes the gust of energy that makes you calm enough to take on any challenge you’re faced with.

Is smiling that important?

Umm, yeah! Aside from the wonderful benefits, it brings to your work and productivity, it also helps to improve your mental state. You’re likely to come up with more creative ideas when you smile more, and it even makes you more likable to people around you. So, what could possibly be your excuse not to let out that smile?

We get it, it could be a little weird to smile without any apparent reason. What might the birds peaking through the window think of you? Especially after you already added some dancing to your morning routine.

However, the following exercises are designed to spark a smile regardless of how your day is going.

At Wakeout, getting people to smile is our specialty. By doing the exercises below you’ll get a much-needed jolt of joy in less than a minute. It’s our Wakeout guarantee.

You’ve got nothing to lose, keep reading to see our list of 5 sitting exercise breaks that will make you smile.

5 Desk exercises that will make you smile

Chicken dancing

Flap you wings like if you're laying golden eggs!


Smash your face with a cushion

There's just nothing like a good smack to the face


The roller coaster



Pretend bartender

Mix yourself a pretend martini, very shaken!


Elbow drums

You'll feel just the way you look


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