In the perpetual universe of mobile apps, a vital question begs to be asked. The one that may help us head-crack through the app expanse and butt heads against the right ones.

Does this app solve a critical problem or is it just inviting a set of new, unnecessary complications? Moreover, is the solution 🔄 complications tradeoff worth a shot?

It goes without saying that we've asked this question. Our goal wasn't to mindlessly irritate your download reflexes or earn a buck from recommending these tools. It was to help you untangle contemporary health knots and stay nimble, not stuck.

So, here are 5 essential ones to level up your 9-5 temper, thunder your energy to a buzzing force, and win a war on desk fixtures.

I don't feel well-rested after sleep.
A screenshot of Sleep cycle iPhone app

#1 Sleep Cycle

Apple Editor's Choice Award
  • When the time is right. The alarm wakes you up when it senses you're in a light sleep. It eases you into consciousness without the feeling of grogginess and disorientation.
  • Teams up with Apple Watch. Normally, Sleep Cycle picks up the sounds you make as you sleep through your mobile device. It's how it rates the quality of your sleep. If you're in a room for 2, Apple Watch can analyze your sleep through movements instead of sounds and feed it to your Sleep Cycle app.
  • First-rate sleep tracking technology. Precise sleep statistics and nightly sleep graphs are collected through your mobile device and watch. Sleep quality, time in bed, time to fall asleep, snoring levels, heart rate, timeline, etc.

I could be in better sync with my health data.
A screenshot of Apple Health iPhone app

#2 Apple Health

  • Turns Apple device into versatile health measuring tool. Stores your health data and gives you visual clues of your overall health. Interactive charts, steps, sleep, vitals, menstrual cycle, health progress tracking, and more.
  • Supercharges your app arsenal. Your health data starts with Apple Health. Any app you feel like adding to your collection probably thrives thanks to the data collected from Apple Health.
  • Say hello to your digital nurse. Take charge of your health by creating a list of all your medications, vitamins, and supplements and receive timely reminders. Share your vital health data with loved ones or caregivers. Plus, have access to your complete health records, including allergies, immunizations, lab results, and more, all conveniently located in one place.

I'm having trouble staying active and energetic due to sedentary work.
A screenshot of Wakeout iPhone app

#3 Wakeout

iPhone App of The Year Award
  • Pomodoro is so last season. Smart AI reminders do some serious calculus to understand your daily behavior and break your seated periods. In doing so, Wakeout pokes you to move just about when your tush can no longer take the chair pressure.
  • In case Pomodoro is not so last season (oops)... Productivity and focus are as essential to your work as movement is to your health. So, we made a nice little Physical Pomodoro Timer that gives you the power to make time for both - your work and your health.
  • Never run out of exercise ideas. Follow-along exercise videos are as illustrative as they are vast (and creative).
  • Reduced sedentary aches. Neck pain, back pain, chronic aches, tendon injuries, headaches, eye strain, afternoon slump, burnout... There'll be less of that and more of fun and energy-pumped workdays.

My mental space can become congested, cluttered, and fatigued as the day progresses.
A screenshot of Headspace iPhone app

#4 Headspace

Apple Editor's Choice Award
  • De-clutter full-throttle thoughts. As the day drags on and work piles up, your thoughts clog up to make a mess. That's when you need some meditative guidance to space out and reclaim the calm.
  • 500+ meditations. For anxiety relief, finding focus, learning calming breathwork, building mental resilience, and adapting to emotional states. Everything your mind needs, it's all in there.
  • Serotonin fuel. Instead of dopamine-binging with videos that only leave you craving for more, you could make your work feel more fulfilling. Yes, serotonin sort of does that and regulates your mood, digestion, health, and more.

I'm lacking entertaining mental exercise or stimulation to keep my brain active.
A screenshot of Neuronation iPhone app

#5 Neuronation

  • Mental gymnastics keep the brain healthy. With consistent practice, studies prove, you can enhance memory, lower the risk of depression, increase thinking speed and concentration, and even lower the risk of dementia by up to 48%.
  • Made by neuroscientists. Thanks to an educated effort by the team of neuroscientists, the app was awarded the AOK Leonardo Health Prize for Digital Prevention sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Health.
  • Custom-tailored. The app includes a thorough assessment of your cognitive strengths and areas for improvement to develop a personalized training plan that caters to your unique needs.

Remember, sedentary warriors, a healthy body is a healthy mind, and these apps can help you achieve both. With the right combination of sleep, exercise, brain nourishment, and health data tracking, you can be in control of your well-being and take measures to maintain it.

Just make sure you don't get carried away - too many apps can be like too much pizza. They can cause more harm than good. So choose wisely, because a cluttered phone could as well mean a cluttered mind.

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