A healthy lifestyle isn't made up of just one big thing. Rather, it's a bunch of small things that add up over time.  

Sure, becoming a marathon runner or starting a vegan diet may help, but let's be real, do you really need to go that far so suddenly? Instead of looking miles ahead, let's help you change what's right in front of you during a workday.

Things That Made Our List

😴 Get at least 7 hours of sound sleep

💦 Have a glassfull of water on hand

🍓 Add veggies and fruit to your diet

🍪 Eat healthy snacks

🏄🏽 Move throughout the day

✋🏼 Take regular work breaks

🙅🏽 De-stress with breathing, chair yoga, or physical exercises

🙌 Stay optimistic

☝️ Posture up!

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