Bad posture is like the ultimate trickster, lulling you into a false sense of comfort, only to strike your back, head, and neck with a vengeance later on. It's sneaky things we don't give too much conscious thought to that silently attack us, causing yet another aching burden. One thing's for sure: bad posture is no joke. Fear not! Here are simple tweaks.

5 simple fixes for a better posture

an illustration of a finger touching man's back to fix his posture
  1. The pulling string. Picture this as an invisible chord attached to the top of your mid-scalp, like a marionette puppet. But, instead of making you dance, it's pulling you up toward the ceiling! A cosmic yo-yo, eager to lift you up and straighten your slouching back. The best part? This magical string will take care of all the pesky details of good posture while you flex your synapses for other important tasks at hand.
  2. "Straighten up, buddy!" What's really standing in the way of good posture? Our forgetfulness! It's not like we don't know we should straighten up - we just get so caught up in our daily grind that we forget to give our spines the TLC they deserve. That's where a little reminder comes in handy. And by a reminder, we mean something that smacks you in the face and yells, "Dude, posture up!"
  3. Get up and work on your posture. Alrighty, time to give your tushies a break and focus on reclaiming your posture. All you need is a wall (sheetrock or brick, both work as long as it's solid) and instructions straight from a Police Academy handbook! Voila: Lean against a sturdy wall, put your hands up like you're getting frisked by the cops (Freeze!!!), and do a tilt with your thighs so your ribs get glued to the wall. Now here's the fun part - without letting your elbows and ribs unglue from the wall, lift those hands up towards the sky and feel that satisfying stretch in your shoulders and back. Back again and repeat. About a month later you'll notice you naturally claim a Superman posture! (Watch the video instructions)
  4. Place your monitor head-high. Just do it. There are tools that help you do that or just stuff a chunky book you never even thought of reading below the stands. The level of magic even tops the one gained with the pulling string trick.
  5. Tuck in your chin. Ready for the ultimate chin-tucking extravaganza? It's time to give that chin a nudge and put your best face forward – oops, backward! First – when seated, remember to channel your inner turtle and tuck that chin in. For heroes wanting to take it to the next level, head on over to the floor and do some serious chin-tucking reps. It's like you're giving yourself a little kiss with every tuck (aww, cute). Oh, and don't forget to use the power of a good reminder – yes, straighten up, buddy!!!

Need more detailed tips? Head on over to our detailed guide!

The correct sitting posture to prevent back and neck pain
Aside from the multiple wear-and-tear effects on the body, posing like a candy cane hurts your health in general. It leads to damaged circulation, poor lung function, issues with digestion, constricted nerves, and even headaches and jaw pain.
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