Quick relief for our tormented necks

Neck pain is a common ailment of our deskbound lifestyle. Who knew hunching over a keyboard for hours on end would cause problems!

Today we're releasing a delightful new pack that brings relief to our tight necks. This pack includes over a dozen relaxing neck movements that target supporting and main muscle groups in your neck and traps. Doing these often will both help relieve pain or prevent it.

Causes of neck pain

Many of our modern-day muscle afflictions are caused by either overuse or under use. Overuse, in the case of neck pain for example, comes from sustained contraction of our neck muscles over a long period of time. Under use, like in the case of back pain, comes from weakened support muscles that are neglected for hours. When we finally need them, they're not up for the task.

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How to prevent neck pain

In most cases, neck pain is the result of bad habits. With a few tweaks to your lifestyle, you can provide relief to that stem that supports that wonderful head of yours:

Take frequent exercise breaks: This might sound self-serving, as we're in the business of providing the best exercises breaks in the universe, but it's true! According to Mayo Clinic, frequent exercise breaks reactivate underused muscles and give overused muscles a break.

Have your monitor at eye level: Our heads go where our eyes go. Raise your monitor to eye level to prevent hunching over.

Practice good posture: If you're deskbound for hours, wouldn't you want the optimum posture? This would mean arms at a 90-degree angle over the keyboard, back and neck straight, shoulders back, knees slightly under the hips. This is an "active sitting" position that balances contraction and relaxation in the body.

Our advice at Wakeout is to work standing up least half of your day.

Try this 1-minute routine to ease that neck and shoulder pain

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Four out of five of us will be affected at some time. That sure makes you sit up and take notice!

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