Without sugar-coating: staying level-headed for a month takes effort.

The unrelenting matters pull our strings near and far. The wind gusts reach 150 mph and they change directions to blast our marble high and low. Combined with a monthly dose of unexpected pandemonium, we even tend to bag our thoughts away and dust off for a deserted island. Like that should help...

Nothing, and I say nothing, is known to pull the strings as erratically as life. And it's pretty darn easy to tell the puppeteer from a puppet.

Awareness is The Blue Fairy

In Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio, a puppet is brought to life by a fairy. Abruptly, he tastes life: the hurdles, a father's love, the sorrow, and the thrill. Beyond all, a touch of a fairy makes him aware of his human-like affairs.

In another fairytale whose rules we abide by, also referred to as real life, a touch of awareness gives power to the puppet. Not resisting the pulls, not denial, nor wiggle-waggle, nor jerking... simply staying cognizant of our mental states as the strings are pulled allows us to, and miraculously so, loosen up the force of the strings.

Don't Wait Until You Break

To relish the practice, and stay sane for the lengthy stretches, nudge yourself to answer these questions daily. Please, without judgment or desire to feel any other way! It helps if you picture yourself being your own observant therapist, sitting with an attentive ear on a sofa across the room.

  • How are you feeling at the moment, really?
  • What's occupying your headspace for most of the day?
  • How has your sleep been the last few nights?
  • Can you feel the emotional state accumulating somewhere in your body? Where is it?
  • Can you meditate on that body sensation separate from thought?
  • Is there anything you're looking forward to in the coming days?
  • What is the one thing you feel grateful for at the moment?

Whatever the answers were, just rest in knowing it's OK! We accept you, and so should you! đź’ž

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