You can beat being sedentary by following the 30-minute rule! Get off your butt and get moving. Wakeout has wonder-moves waiting for your weary self.

So! What's the deal with this 30-minute rule business? Well, for one thing, it cuts through being lackadaisical about physical activity. Short story is: Physical activity breaks every half hour add up. Darn right! They're as good as an old-fashioned, full-on workout.

Why wait? Today's the day to beat the sedentary rut.

Wakeout has something sure to help you move 'n' groove!

  • Kick your way to wide-awake wonder!
  • Okay, stay at your desk and do moves that'll relieve back pain.
  • Be spontaneous! Get going with morning exercises–yup, any time of day.
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