No one wants to leave their job with aches and pains. Absurdly though, many of us do end up grumbling around to our colleagues over a coffee. At best, we just end up listening about it from others.

If you're tired of the 9-5 grind being exactly that - an unnecessary grind - let's punch up your ergo tool stack to a physically pleasing level. It's sure to make you motivated and proud like a mountain with your body of work.

Benefits of Ergo-Proofing Your Work Space

List to Ergo-Proof Your Screen Residence

If you feel like taking a deeper dive, here's a brief guide to assist your health-optimizing efforts!

A Brief Guide to Ergonomics: Ideal Posture, Chair, & Monitor Position
Do you have neck tension, back aches, or tired legs? Might be that leaning into a new work station setup will perk up your workday productivity. That, along with physical activity breaks, will give you a new outlook on life!

Improve your team's sedentary habits

Setup and manage your team in a few minutes, self onboarding.

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