We’ve all seen those fit, bodybuilder types – the ones that must spend half their life at the gym. Naw, not saying that in a negative way. It’s just that staying active by going to the gym doesn’t work for all of us. You know, who's gonna watch the kids while you drive miles away to a crowded place? Not to mention the heaps of laundry waiting with a wrinkled smirk for you to crawl back home. Sure, it sounds like excuses for being less active – the truth is… it's a valid excuse.

To Thrive – While Alive – Requires Action!

Let’s think about all the terms that are used when thinking about activity. There’s movement, physical activity, exercise, and action. What else comes to mind? Jump and jive; get in the groove; and slip and slide – or is that a kid’s toy?

Then, there are the many forms of being active. What do you think of first? Is it athletics, dance, or hailing a taxi? The more one thinks about it, there are as many different actions as there are species! Those that:

  • Fly with winged-wonder, feathered ease
  • Slither on shimmering scales, some with rattling tails
  • Are leafy lovelies, bedecking gardens and hillsides and gifting us with O2!

That’s right – to live is to be active.

Heck, even rocks have a form of action. Sure, a lot of it’s passive, then again it doesn’t seem that way if it just broke loose next to the road on which you’re driving. And what about rocks and boulders as tectonic formations? Heck, we wish they’d moved less frequently.

Our goal here is to support you as you activate tectonic know-how for where you dwell — yup, your biological building. Think of it as your body’s architecture and wondrous structure. That applies even if you feel out-of-shape, the wrong weight, dragged down by fatigue, or on the fraying fringes of burnout.

Wakeout is here to boost your confidence as you get moving.

  • One step at a time.
  • One physical activity break at a time.
  • One day at a time.
  • One 30-minute exercise break at a time.

Break On Through To Action

Okay, we’re not talking about watching action movies, though some can sure make your heart pound. We’re also not referring to your social media standby status - Active in digital Absurdistan usually means PASSIVE.

Hey! You’re not being the least bit absurd if you wonder how in the world to fit in physical activity – especially with all that’s on your life plate. Shucks, though you’re fortunate to have remote work, sometimes you simply don’t like working from home. It seems like there’s always something demanding your immediate attention. Ugh!

Well, what if we made the suggestion that you’re already active? Please, spare us the eye-rolling as you think, “Sure, I stretch my back when I get out of bed.” We might respond with a bunch of annoying questions:

  • Don’t you sweep, vacuum, or shovel–anything…dirt, snow, animal ‘stuff’?
  • What about “running” errands–sure, you may not run – then again…?
  • What about the weight you heft? As in, the children, pets, plants, wet laundry, and furniture you lug on a regular basis.

Yes, there are plenty more actions we could ask you about. Why bother? Chances are you’re already getting the point. You’re active in many ways that are part of the function of living. We refer to those as functional actions or activities. That’s the positive part. Being able to give yourself credit for activities that are part of your daily or weekly routine.

Hey, when you break into a full sweat shoveling snow or soil, you’re in the vigorous activity zone! That means even a couple of minutes counts. Think of what doing the whole job amounts to. Yup, Wonder Woman and Superman – go grab your super-suit!

Here’s the golden nugget we’re about to dig into:

Fitness & Function Go Hand-In-Hand

Staying active helps out at home and boosts well-being at work. Heck, they even depend on each other! Household and yard activities sure do count as exercise and movement. That’s because they help you to stay active and focused! The key is to round them out with physical activity that focuses on specific muscle sets and actions. There you go – new mold in the making!

Wakeout serves you with bunches of fun physical activity breaks that:

Next up is a check-in on the usual suspects that get in the way of being active. Nope, no test, no heavy-handed arm twisting. Simply, plain old ways to get at what’s in the way of your enjoyment of being active. Yup, as in doing so with a smile on your face. How so? Wakeout makes it easy, and dare we say, downright delightful! More on that in a minute or two…

Break Down The Barriers

There! Now that you’re getting the gist of ways that breaking through to action is beneficial, it’s time to dig into barriers. That guy's letting you know you'll be breaking the mold. Hey – think of it this way:

  • New form – your physique
  • Mood power-up
  • Shaping new habits

Speaking of which, this process is one key to going beyond the usual. That rut, routine, habit, or whatever your pet word is for being stuck. Let’s go with the word “habit” as it’s rather neutral.

  • The day-to-day stuff – needing to decide what comes first when seeking work–life balance.
  • Or, any ‘others’ that create brain cramps just thinking about exercise.
  • What happens when you have ‘free’ time? Maybe you fritter, fantasize, or fool around – that implies a lot!
  • There are things you love and/or can’t stand about being physically active. Yup, feelings about exercise can be contradictory.
  • Lots of people have these qualms or obstacles– the global health crisis related to having a sedentary lifestyle says it all!

No need to get all gloomy and serious about those points. Better yet, use them for personal exploration. No one’s watching or asking you to check in. The goal is to come up with a couple of nuggets that’ll nudge you into action – nice and easy – and maybe be as uplifting as the dickens.

Steps to Go Beyond The Usual

Woman in rose jacket jogging on steps climbing up

Here we’re looking at the humdrum, rut, a habit. The grooves many species get into. Why? Oh, just because. There’s enough to do in a day without deciding where to build that nest. There are worms to find!

Just like that bird, you’re about to fly beyond the usual. It’s time to explore some of the ways to break on through to the active side. Chances are you’re already engaged in a bunch.

The first step is to recognize the physical activity you’re already doing. That gives you the mental boost to gradually free yourself from those sedentary leftovers. At the same time, you can pat yourself on the back for what you’re doing now!

Remember, one step at a time. Little birds don't go chasing insects right off the bat. Keep these ideas in your pocket as you slowly increase your daily active affairs.

#1 Mindset Matters!

Hey, no matter what you’ve got going, being in the right frame of mind is a boon and a boost.

There’s a reason proactive includes the word active!

Frankly, the frame of mind we're referring to is not only harbored around the resolve to be physically active. A proactive mindset is a pure power – a buzzing energy ball that sparks all forms of activity into your life – including your body activation. It’s that ‘can-do’ umph that gets you out of bed.

If it helps your mind’s eye, imagine this proactive mindset being the head of an octopus with its swirling, action-filled tentacles. That ocean-dwelling octopods’ head gets those crawling feelers working like crazy – just as proactive behavior moves you to take action.

Seeking an extracurricular activity, going to the dentist, writing daily to-do lists, creating a spring gardening checklist, changing oil in a car... stay pro-active!

#2 Posture Is Primary

An animated illustration showing a correction in posture

No matter what you’re doing, good posture is key to moving with fewer aches, pains, or accidents. Funny thing is that small shifts in posture can boost your mindset too. Yes, it’s all entwined!

The right posture while sitting in your chair helps when it’s time to shift gears to the active side. Movement flows more naturally as slouching slips away. Confidence starts to radiate from your aligned body, even as your mental arrangements also power up.

An understanding of ergonomics is an aid in planning your work-from-home setup. It should also support you (and your lumbar spine) in staying true to your strong-chested, seated self. Wall exercises and chair yoga contribute to healthy body alignment while boosting upper body, core, and lower body strength. Imagine that!

#3 Match Fitness With Function

Pairing function and fitness can be fun! Really. It’s clear that physical activity breaks throughout your day are good for you. Gym, too, nothing but thumbs up. Doing movements that ready your body for other activities, though... That's a jackpot and a contract to a proactive life.

If trite and dull are unwelcome in your diurnal agenda, let's try and emulate these quirky, unusual, but highly functional drills.

Standing boxing exercise break for a quick energy boost
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Funrobics - A fun way to start your day
Red highrise panties. Fluorescent tights. Leg warmers. Pinky sweatbands damped in bodily moisture. All this outfit chaperoned by absolutely rip-roaring beats, flashy moves, electric energy, and high-speed tempo. Yes, we’re reminiscing of the feel-the-burn era - the 80s aerobics euphoria! Not all o…

#4 Stick To The 7 Rs

Even though these look like steps, they’re actually practices. They could be called the 7Rs of fitness, wellness, self-care, or an elated life in general. They’re presented here in tidbit form yet are stout enough to be enticing. Maybe you’re already doing them, without getting all alliterative with yours. But if your wall is thirsty for new ornaments, be sure to hang this one right above your work desk!

  • Rev Up – time to get in gear. Mindset: proactive. Physical activity breaks: on hand. Go!
  • Recover – maybe your brain needs more of a break than your body. Just do it!
  • Rest – these are actions and inactions taken to recharge. Take work breaks, nighttime exercise, and sleep well.
  • Reflect – go as light or deep as you wish. Breathe, checking in on mind and body.  
  • Rejoice – time to celebrate what you’re doing to increase activity – yes, with back pats!
  • Rejuvenate – refresh with water, yummy-good snacks, and calming breaks with friends.
  • Repeat – Are you all set? Super! Time to Rev Up for a next round.

Speaking of next round...

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