Every morning should start with a smile. Today we're releasing the new "Pillow Wake Up" morning exercise pack, designed to make a smile shine upon you like a beautiful sunrise (yea, my other job is a freestyle poet).

Tomorrow when the birds announce the new day, try this new pack in your pajamas (preferrably a onsie). Grab a pillow and follow along with an open heart and an easy smile. We'll have you swing, kick and knee your pillow like if it didn't spend all night providing unconditional comfort to your sleepy head. Then, just as things are wrapping up, we'll have you pillow-smash your own smiley face for a comprehensive wake up.

Why you exercise before your morning coffee

An old chinese proverb said "life begins after coffee" (or was it an English man? Who knows!). I used to be a groggy don't-talk-to-me before my coffee kind of guy. What I discovered was that doing a few minutes of exercise right after my slumber gave me better boost towards baseline than coffee. It's a more complete wakeful state because your entire body is involved, not just your energy-starved brain.

So now this writer will allow himself to dispense a little wisdom: Movement is better than coffee!

Movement is better than coffee!

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