In 2017, the year of The Last Jedi and Bitcoin 😶, a video producer named Kevin, stood aside from the nonsense and engaged in something different.

For an entire month, with a little help from a click-and-play TV app, he used his own body weight to exercise. His endeavor took form in 7-minute workouts.

What allowed him to pull off the drills each day was commitment. When the Tech Insider crew is zeroed in on you, you don't have much choice but to ante up and stay abreast for 30 days.

But there was another, more subtle contributing factor. This one pushed Kevin beyond comfort when he felt like anything, especially burgers, was better than exercising. It had nothing to do with discipline, commitment, hustle, or mental aptitude. Instead, it had everything to do with convenience.

What made his 30-day challenge easier?

Aside from the obviously petite 7-minute workout length… It was the ease of jumping straight to the thing. No snags, no barriers, and no time for second thoughts.

I’m lazy in the morning,” confessed Kevin. I don't want to do this. I don't want to put on my clothes and go all the way to the gym and then come all the way back. However, for this, I'd simply get up, walk to my living room, turn on the TV, and just press play. It's right there!"

Kevin’s got it right. We get mind-boggled just thinking about what goes into gearing up for serious exercise. Choosing the right outfit, hyping up the inner lazy smurf lying forever restless, starting the car, packing, rethinking Spotify shuffle (and your life choices)… want us to continue? It’s 100% worse than the super sets you ought to withstand!

Instead, Kevin - to avoid all the preliminary nonsense - dove right into his physical activity. He knew the hardest thing about exercising was actually getting going.

“I just felt better!”

Man writing notes feeling good about himself

There’s more! 30 days after starting his demi-physical activity sessions, he pulled out a tux that he hadn't worn in a few years. Whoa…it fit him to a T!

Yes, with 7 minutes' worth of almost-sweat.

Camouflaged in bite-sized workouts, the benefits were nothing short of noticeable. The finger-snap workouts gave Kevin a well-deserved boost in spirits - elevated mood, enhanced creativity, and some serious slump-kicking superpowers.

Wakeout is soooooo Kevin!

This vital idea of convenience is why we exist. At Wakeout, we want to make jumping straight to exercise easier than letting it slide. After all, it’s how our pajama pack and desk exercise program came to life. On top, we keep the move-groove even shorter and help you stay accountable.  

Now, would you mind picking your favorite exercise break pack and getting going? Home or at work, lacking energy or having aches and stiffness - we got you covered. You'll find Wakeout sessions to be your physical activity cheat sheet.

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Where’s Kevin now?

Well, we don't know for certain. His public profiles say he's still producing fantastic videos and looking vigorous along the way.

His feat though didn't go unnoticed! It left mark on many people who've watched his story. Actually short physical activitiey did. Sharpened brain, feeling good, elevated mood, the perfect first step to getting active, change in energy. The comment section says it all!

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