Whether your business has a formal worksite wellness program, getting staff to take physical activity breaks is vital. Even if your business has one, it’s still important to take leadership measures to support employees’ exercise opportunities. You’ve got lots going on, so we’re here to give you a leg up with useful information! That includes assurances that your crew can apply these practices when they’re in the office, working remotely from home, or on the road (at least when they’re not behind the wheel!).

Work While Standing

Modern man working on a height-adjustable standing desk
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Standing, or convertible desks make it easy to move, creating an energetic break while busting out of the routine of too much chair time. When you get right down to it, being upright is almost a form of activity in itself. One sure positive is that there’s less pressure on the spinal column when standing than when sitting. You can even perk up standing desk minutes with a little dancing. That sure gives new meaning to stretching!

Stick to an Active Break Schedule

Wow, when staff is on a roll, they can go for hours. Writing, designing, tallying the budget, or talking to customers, they make sure the job gets done. Yet, that’s hardly the way to take consistent exercise breaks. Periodic reminders to schedule these energizing breaks help them stave off the aches and pains brought on by muscle tension. Plus, a healthy work timer is central to maintain topnotch work quality and creativity. You also know that productivity gets a boost when your team’s happily active. Long story short, you'll subscribe to the jot-down of amazing physical and mental benefits.

Move Every Hour—Oops! Make That Every 30 Minutes

A green pomodoro Wakeout timer
Setting a timer for your movement breaks is a healthy way to work.

Yup, there are sources out there still recommending moving once an hour. Trouble is, that leaves lots of room for bad stuff to occur. Lower back pain from slouching, sluggish leg circulation, to say nothing of cramps. That’s why we at Wakeout are pretty clear about the magic of 30 minutes. Hey, apply this regularly and your staff may start feeling like they’re 30 for years after. When they hear about the positives of “every 30” on aging, they’re bound to make it happen.

Mix It Up

Exercise customization on Wakeout iPhone app
Wakeout has over 2,000 movements for all walks of life

When exercise becomes rote and boring, it’s too easy to give it up. Added to that, mixing it up adds a big plus to taking active work breaks. The four types of exercise most important to your staff’s sedentary lifestyle are those that focus on stretching, strengthening, aerobics, and/or balance. Hey, it can even add an ‘extra’ to your team while they’re engaged in work. Have your team come up with ideas to make the ‘magic four’ happen almost every day. The super part is all that’s needed is a little ingenuity instead of expensive equipment!

The four types of exercises are stretching, strengthening, aerobics and balance.

Now’s the time to take steps to integrate activity into your corporate culture! There’s no better way to let employees know you value their well-being. How’s about a team exercise break during a Zoom meeting that pushes the 30-minute ‘rule’? One of Wakeout’s selections like the Standing Boxing Exercise stretches limbs and trunks amidst laughter. Another idea is to create a Slack channel where staff can share their ideas for new ways to energize breaks. Sure, some of your crew is rather reserved. They’re more likely to find comfort with some gentle neck stretches.

Make It Personalized

Purposeful physical activities have been researched time and again. Lo and behold, they really do encourage increased life span in good health! We’re here to say, those activities can be fun too. Moving that’s just right for the individual adds the secret spice. So does shifting from one exercise break to another. Don’t feel like dancing in the morning? Maybe it’s time to treat that tight lower back to a warm-up session. Nice way to gradually ease into your day.

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