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Joyce Murphy

Night Shift: Moving During the Dark Hours

Night shift, swing shifts. Graveyard hours. Disrupted sleep, an out of sync social life, and the dreads of being understaffed. That's only the beginning for the courageous dark hours crews. Wakeout's here with ways to protect your health and boost your mood. We honor all you do for everyone!

Joyce Murphy

6 Wall Exercises That'll WoW Your Day!

Take a look around--you're surrounded by some topnotch exercise equipment. Sure, its immovable, yet always available. Welcome to the WoW of wall exercises! They'll perk you up, improve your posture, and build show-off abs and thighs. Move over treadmills, the walls have you beat!

Joyce Murphy

Physical Wealth = Fiscal Health

It's important to be aware of the benefits of being physically healthy. It sure keeps you motivated. Have you considered the financial gains you can make because you're healthy? Here's an overview to reflect on as you further expand your physical wealth!

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