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Joyce Murphy

Feeling Fit With Lucky & Fluffy

That precious bundle of loving fur by your side is a wellness boon. With a dog or cat companion, you're likely to feel better all around...mind, body, and spirit. Why not boost those benefits by feeling fit together? Your Lucky and Fluffy pals are sure to jump at the occasion!

Joyce Murphy
Luciano Kovacevic

Break On Through! (To the Active Side)

Who said being active has to mean dreading the treadmill? There are so many forms of staying active that don't involve a gym membership or running shoes. Chores, chair yoga, physical activity breaks, errands... The possibilities are endless, and the best part is that you get to explore some!

Joyce Murphy

7 Ways to Unplug & Recharge!

Gadgets here, there, and almost everywhere. What's a weary worker to do? Time to unplug! This is about recharging, preventing burnout, and unleashing creativity and the ability to dream beyond the typical. Are you ready? Renewal is a 7-minute read away.

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