Let’s be clear from the get-go! This is not a hard-sell about having standout muscles or the firmest butt in town. This is about forging your way to a level of physical fitness that works for you!

Our next “let’s be clear” message is this: Prepare for fun!  Yup, that may include tuning into some fine fiddle music as part of your fitness gig. Maybe a soulful Southern ballad for when your body has the blues. What about a fast-paced high-stepping Irish tune for the days you’re full on into finessing your physiology. Speaking of that, can you imagine the upper body and arm fitness of those fiddlers? To say nothing of the legwork in all their dancers’ steps.

Before rambling more about your choice of musical accompaniment, it’s time to tune in to the meaning of being “fit as a fiddle.”



    Let’s tune in to fiddle lore,

    To learn about this instrument so many adore.


    Yes, this ultimately comes back to your physique,

    If you can tolerate a bit of tongue-in-cheek.


    First, let’s be clear that the fiddle 

    Is a violin caught in a poetic “hey, diddle-diddle.” 


    One interesting thing about a very fine fiddle

    Is that it’s narrow in the middle.


    This is where we return to you!

    Your time for fit as a fiddle has now come due.

Apparently centuries ago a fit fiddle was suitable [and] fit for purpose. When one considers that closely, it applies to work in the current era. You’ve got it! Your level of well being, or being fit, does a lot for your life’s purpose. That may be work, caring for family and community, or all of the reasons to get up each day. Hmmm, that sure sets the tone for thinking of why physical activity breaks matter!

No Kidding While Fiddling: Fitness Matters!

A quick internet cruise or google search into health and wellness reveals that fitness is more than gym workouts. Sure, those and lots more, several of which we review in a bit from our stellar Wakeout perspective. Stellar – how’s that? Because we make fitness sparkle. It shines because we put a smile on your face. That replaces frowns that emerge from doubts about being fitness-ready. You’re already showing that as you read this blog, long as it is!

9+ Ways That Being Fit Boosts Well Being

Hey! Don’t you owe it to yourself to feel as good as possible? When you get right down to it, lots of things in life hinge on a person’s physical and mental well being. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of fitness.

  1. It reduces the horrors of a sedentary lifestyle – something that's currently a global public health crisis.
  2. Engaging in even short bursts of physical activity each day helps to reduce the likelihood of chronic conditions – heart troubles, arthritis, diabetes, and a bunch of others.
  3. Amazing as it may seem, being fit improves mood and mental well being. Even more dazzling is that this can happen by doing desk chair exercises during your workday.
  4. For some reason, being on the fitness path urges people to pay close attention to hydration and healthy snacks.
  5. Signs of potential burnout fade with regular physical activity breaks during your workday.
  6. Along with mood, when you get moving to be fit as a fiddle, optimism increases. That too helps your health, even as it causes increased creativity and resilience. Who knew?!
  7. Believe it or not, being fit aids with fiscal health – gains can seem small, yet they endure over time.
  8. Enjoy more birthdays and good health for decades. Being fit leads to a full, healthy life, a real plus when you have long-term dreams.
  9. Work-life balance moves up on your priority list, including when loved ones and pets join in on your physical breaks fun.

The plus (+) is that those 9 examples of fitness benefits are only the tip of the iceberg.

Avoiding Fitness Pitfalls

This section is about knowing your limits in order to stay safe and sound at any age. Yup, that little adage applies to lots in life. In relation to physical fitness it means:

  • Being honest with yourself about your current state of physical and emotional wellness.
  • Patience is paramount–give yourself the time to increase your activity gradually. As in g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y! That means go slow and don’t fret–your bones and muscles are ready and waiting.
  • Have a checkup or checkin with your healthcare provider before you start to fiddle with fitness.
  • It’s a good time to let others know about your fit plans. Give them the details! This puts the fit wheels in motion and sets up any boundaries needed to keep fiddling with fitness.
  • Go slow! (Yes, we’re repeating that on purpose.) You’re on a journey – enjoying the pace matters lots more than rushing on to the destination.

Fit In Your Physical Activity Breaks

Your work may be remote, hybrid, or on-site. When it comes to being fit, it’s all the same! Why’s that? Being fit can, and should, happen anywhere people work, including at home. Yup, we used the “should” word! That’s how strongly we feel about the value of fitness moves and physical activity breaks fun for everyone. Fortunately, there are more ways to fit in those breaks than there are hours in the day.

🎻 Move every 30 minutes to build and maintain fitness. The benefits include recharged vigor and getting off muscles sore from sitting.

🎻 Choose from a bunch of desk exercise routines to work different muscle groups. Mixing things up is refreshing!

🎻 Share the joy! Chances are your colleagues are in the same sit-too-long rut. Grab them by the hand or Zoom link, spreading fitness wisdom as you do.

🎻 In the mix-it-up category, think beyond desk and standing routines. Huh? You got it: Get Floored! It’s a super spot for lots of stretching…or a quick cat nap. Shhh–we won’t tell.

🎻 Deadlines. Noisy neighbors. Tension’s building–will you uncork or implode? Neither! Wakeout has solutions to break up your workday routine. Relief is just minutes away…

15 Ways to Be Fit and Finely Tuned

You might be aiming for shooting hoops fitness. Then again, your goal may be to become a finely tuned fitness instrument, much akin to a violin.

  1. Move More – Keep moving during your off hours to limit the effects of sedentary times.
  2. Sleep Better Be creative, enjoy life, get the job done! These happen with sound sleep (and bed exercises).
  3. Stretch When your lower back aches or your neck is tight, a stretch break can loosen things up.
  4. Weights Adding weight to a workout can be as simple as grabbing a laptop or water bottle.
  5. Resistance Bands – No need to buy gear, grab a towel and go for it!
  6. Desk Exercises Want to move your legs or broaden your smile? Wakeout does that and more!
  7. Breathing Breathe deep for full exercise benefit and tipity-top fitness.
  8. Hydration Water! Drink it throughout your day to limit fatigue and boost cognition.
  9. Sound Nutrition Yummy snacks and whole food meals balance your energy.
  10. Yoga & Tai Chi Do these in your desk chair to limit stress and tension.
  11. Wall Workouts Turn to the wall for moves that work your thighs and make you wise!
  12. Floor Fitness Much the same can be said for the floor–it’ll give you fitness galore.
  13. UnplugHey, after you read this, get some fresh air. Prevent burnout and unwind at the same time!
  14. Routines to cast off the HoHum humdrums They may extend your life as they lessen health risks.
  15. Find the Fun in Function! You’ve got it! Being fit as a fiddle helps with doing chores, and vice versa. Plug back in, turn on your favorite fiddle music, and fit your way to getting things done, at work and at home!

Wherever you are and whatever you do, Wakeout’s here to be your fit as a fiddle guide!

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