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Joyce Murphy

Here’s to a Renewed You!

Age doesn't matter when it's time for an energy boost. Do you feel the need? Consider that value of taking steps toward a renewed you! Hey, there's nothing to lose and lots to gain -- more flexibility, verve, joy, and vigor. And the best of all -- you can get there one step at a time.

Joyce Murphy

Night Shift: Moving During the Dark Hours

Night shift, swing shifts. Graveyard hours. Disrupted sleep, an out of sync social life, and the dreads of being understaffed. That's only the beginning for the courageous dark hours crews. Wakeout's here with ways to protect your health and boost your mood. We honor all you do for everyone!

Joyce Murphy

7 Ways to Unplug & Recharge!

Gadgets here, there, and almost everywhere. What's a weary worker to do? Time to unplug! This is about recharging, preventing burnout, and unleashing creativity and the ability to dream beyond the typical. Are you ready? Renewal is a 7-minute read away.

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