You may be one of the many, perhaps even millions, who are befuddled, confused, dazed, and maybe even muddleheaded when you hear the word ‘exercise.’ Take heart, even as you worry about your precious ticker. You're not alone. Messaging about exercise, aka physical activity, can be downright scary. Plus, have you noticed the authoritarian edge that’s often part of the "do it or else" routine?

We have too. Our role involves a user-friendly goal: We’re here to clear up some of the confusion you feel. We want you to experience the joy so many have when they move more. Yup, it’s as simple as two four-letter words! Move. More. The more a body moves, the better that body feels. Indeed, we assume that applies as much to our furry friends and aquatic wonders as it does to we humans who want to keep on being.

From The Beginning

That is, your beginning – the whole blastocyst, embryo, and fetal stages. There you were, close to mum – in utero and moving around – thumb-sucking, and practicing dropkicks long before those were needed on some ‘out there’ playing field.

  • You’ve got it, you were born to move before your birth!
  • That didn’t stop. Maybe you were one of those kindergarten kids who got the stern look from the front of the room as you bounced in your chair. Or, was it off the walls?

The point is, kids of all ages are born to move! So, why, for all that has any modicum of sense, are we adults expected to sit still? Wherever we go…well, almost. On public transit, at the theater, even at home when eating pizza or a full-on healthy salad.

What Happened to Moving for Fun?

Fun – there it is – an F-word with only 3 letters. What the fiddle-faddle happened to having fun? Lots of days it feels like it got lost somewhere between being that silly kindergarten kid and the one in cap and gown. Heck, maybe it was g-o-n-e around middle school. How depressing!

  • No more spontaneous kids’ games. Instead, we get confined – literally – within one structure or another. The chair, vehicle, recliner, lumpy mattress, lurching bus, or sweaty, noisy gym.
  • Mind you, we’re not knocking organized sports or swimming and tennis lessons. After all, there can be lots of fun with those.
  • The point is: Let’s really get into moving because it’s FUN! Adding that okay-to-say F-word to movement boosts fitness and feel-well tingles.
  • Let’s not forget the joy and laughter part – the stuff that nurtures body, mind, and overall well-being!
How do any of the above compare with your exercise thoughts and feelings?

Warning! Here Come the Dictums

No, these aren't your new neighbors. (Not unless they're overly vocal on how you care for your pet, put out the trash, or tend to your yard.)

At any rate, this brings us back to the authoritarian-type directions. Yes, even when the messages are in our best interest, they come across as – you know – subtly punitive. Or, at the very least, laced with guilt.

So, what’s a person to do? Honestly –  decide what works for you. Right now. Today. That includes taking into account your list of responsibilities – yes, all of it. Right?! Adding a bit of joy would sure make chores more palatable, wouldn't it?

Here are some points to ponder.

(All right, not ponder – more like bat about for a bit!)

  • When’s the last time you had fun – the pearly white smile, aching sides with laughter sort of fun?
  • Was there any movement involved? Sure, it might have been bounding to the corner to hail a cab. Or, maybe seeing who'd be first-in at a frigid lake water dip.
  • Where were you? Were you with anyone else?
  • Can you even recall when you had this glorious fun feeling?

Now that you've done that deep dive into your memory bank, ponder this point: How often would you like to feel like that again? Be honest.

  • It's okay to feel blue or browbeat at this point.
  • Whatever you do, don't deny yourself the weighty feeling of an empty fun-zone. (No, we're not talking any extra poundage here...)

The Bottom Line Basics a la Wakeout

Chances are you know the following two tidbits by heart. If so, just leap over them to check out updated ways to consider physical activity, aka exercise or movement:

  • 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week. That amounts to 30 minutes a day for 5 days of brisk walking, and so on.
  • 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity such as running…ETC

Wakeout shows you how to enjoy 2 to 5-minute fun and vigorous routines several times a day.

Hey, when you get off your butt every 30 minutes at least 6 times a day, you'll kick that 150 minutes to the curb!

Yup, you can pile on intensity levels as you care for this muscle group or that – plus you have the chance to adjust your mental mindset.

No more staring at one screen or another waiting for a miraculous break-through or escape-binge with heart-pounding entertainment.

Get up! Be active! Your mind will be on fire with the desire to create.

Wakeout hears you – no need to wait!!

Make Physical Activity Fun Again!

That's exactly what Wakeout is about! With our app, you're bound to:

  • Feel it's design is made for YOU! It is.
  • Be surprised to find an app that knows your active moments, and the boo-hoo lackadaisical, sedentary ones better than you do. True!
  • Find it surprising that just a few minutes of physical activity boosts your heart and breathing rates. That's what users are telling us, too!
  • Laugh when you realize your pets are enjoying the new, entertaining person you've become. (Yup, another user report.)
  • Notice a change for the better with aches and pains. (More ditto!)
  • Chuckle as you do oodles of routines – as reported right from the beginning by our activity actors!
  • Using our app with others benefits relationships too!

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