Work can sometimes feel like a sparring match. That's why you need exercise breaks that will put you in the right mindset. This new office boxing pack is designed to pump you up, ready for any brawl life throws at you. From combos, to bounce stances, this pack is guaranteed to bring up your heart rate and boil your blood, ready to exchange blows with the one-two punch life throws at us.

The benefits of boxing

Boxing is an "explosive" exercise. This means motion is very sudden and fast. The oxygen demands of explosive exercises are high, so your heart and respiratory rate are increased to meet your body's needs. This alone provides an invigorating sensation that makes you want to go even harder.

Boxing has one of the highest cardio ratings of any sport. It's a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) type of exercise, which means it combines short rests between explosive movements. This means it can create high levels of physical strain in a short amount of time.

This pack provides quite the punch in a small package. Just a 90-second routine can make you feel more alert, energized and enthusiastic about the stuff you need to get done. We're very excited to hear what you all think.

Try a 90-second routine that packs a punch

Here’s an energy-boosting Standing Boxing routine that’ll get you pumped in just 90 seconds. Great to do mid workday the moment you feel a little fatigued.

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