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Renewal Rewards

Staying active creates an energy boost and youthful feeling. Along with becoming fit and healthy, there's a rekindled sense of joyfulness. This comes with tension release due to self-care and an uplifting spark of spunk!

One of the keys to feeling a sense of revitalization and renewal is to pace yourself. Hey, time is on your side! You have years to look forward to and miles to travel. Tickle your funny bone – boost it with a healthy dose of optimism. Ready – set – time to tune into the 7Rs!

Renewal is a Big Deal!

You’re likely to chuckle if you run a search for this R term. It also applies to your driver's license, worn-out kitchen faucet, or new solar panels. What we're getting at here is most akin to those panels – here's to a renewed and renewable you!

Renewal Benefits

Yes, R-nation benefits await! Take your pick – they’re all super, so you can’t go wrong. Just take a look at that kid before reading on. Talk about toddler-sized muscle tone!

  • More birthdays – regular physical activity breaks, even those that are but minutes long, improve health! Staying active boosts you toward increased longevity. Plus, you'll enjoy more years of good health. Bonus!!
  • Flexibility – oh, the joy of a tension-relieving morning warm up, right from the get-go, as your feet hit the floor. Intersperse your workday with exercises that strengthen your form from head to toe.
  • Reinvigorated muscle tone – yup, all that activity and movement helps to build muscle and gain a balanced stance as you chock up birthdays.
  • Resilience – this sure is related to renewal! Staying active and engaging in other forms of self-care is bound to boost your outlook on life. Guess what? This affects your gray matter in good ways. As in, reduced anxiety.
  • Sense of well-being – You’ve got it! Less mental and physical tension automatically leads to a sense of well-being.
  • Improved mood and emotional balance – Along with all these goodies, you gain a better work-life balance.
  • Last up, though far from least, renewal steps fend off the dreaded burnout beast.

Get Ready With a Renewal Gear-up!

Let’s put an easy, low-cost, and highly rewarding spin on this whole new you idea! Yup, it’s because you’re in charge. Choose activities that match your in-motion motivation style. Set the time frame for your staying active goals. Adjust timing as you wish. Yup, you’re geared up and ready to renew you!

  • Check in with what you’re already doing, even without it having a fancy moniker.
  • Cruise through some (or – better yet – all) of the linked Wakeout articles and podcasts awaiting your eye or ever-eager listening ear.
  • Make a plan! It doesn’t need to be hard and fast, feeling all prescriptive. (Gosh, isn’t there enough of that lurking in all sorts of life corners?)
  • Have some fun with this! Including the planning part.
  • Go easy – and keep an eye on what works and what falls flat.

The 7Rs of Renewal

These 7 steps will help you to deepen your experience. Whether you’re taking a break to relieve sitting-too-long tension, or easing onto the floor for some stretches, allow time to prepare and renew.

#1 Rev Up – time to get in gear

Mindset -  Take some deep breaths, setting the intention for self-care.  

Physical activity breaks: Select those that match your current state. Tense mind or muscles? Begin with the gentle awareness brought on with yoga.        

Need a good Wakeout wake-up during your day? Try one that’s a kick to get your heart pumping and breath deepening. Or even better, a kicking exercise for becoming alert in a jiffy!

#2 Recover – mental wellness needs breaks too. Just do it!  

Ease back to work with the intention of taking a break every 30 minutes.

ღ Sticking with that guideline lets you recharge in minutes – boost thinking along with wellness.

#3 Rest – take action to recharge and replenish your reserves.

ღ Take it easy and sleep well.

Focus on your breathing as you frame your next thought.

Ease your eyes with exercises as you swig water.

#4 Reflect – go as light or deep as you wish.

Breathe, checking in on mind and body. Yup, this gives you a chance to clear your busy mind.

ღ Make note of what pops up first and second. Those are things wanting your attention, be it work or personal.

ღ Sit with that awareness – sure, you can do so later. The point is paying attention to what bubbles up from that busy brain of yours!

#5 Rejoice – celebrate what you’re doing to boost activity –

ღ That includes some back pats! They can’t be beat for stretching shoulders.

Share your success! Friends want to know the ‘secret’ behind your resilience.

ღ Remember that every positive step moves you in the rejuvenation direction.

#6 Refresh – make time to replenish your resources!

ღ Chug-a-lug to stay hydrated.

ღ Chow down with some yummy-good snacks.

ღ Relax and refill during calming breaks with friends and family.

#7 Repeat – Are you all set? Super!

Rev Up for the next round with Wakeout's energizing favorites!

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