Oh the joys of togetherness! Okay, some days alone time is luscious. What’s a couple to do when being together has, um, a scratchy edge to it? Enter the exciting, couple-engaging physical activity routine! No kidding. This is for real. What, haven’t you ever considered the fun you used to have dancing? Didn’t matter if it was in a line, twisted in a Tango, or trying out that Boogaloo oldy.

Here are some ways to look at physical activity togetherness from a tagline perspective:

  • Couples that train together know how to go the distance.
  • Sweat together to sweeten the spice!
  • Terms of endearment: Come exercise with me and see where it leads…

Interestingly, each of those is true! As in, there are reportedly very good reasons for people in a romantic relationship to work out together. That includes dancing as well as running a 5K, swimming laps, or trying out a Wakeout routine.

Sweat Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Young couple working out together during a break from working remotely at home.

All that physical activity with body motion leads to heavy breathing. Then there’s the sweat. Sort of an intriguing reminder of pheromones, those silent come-hither attractors that arouse emotions. Hmm…no need to say more.

Most likely you’re getting the picture that exercise in any form creates responses that boost the tingles of togetherness. Plus there’s that glow each of you get as you blush and flush while pushing your workout bounds.

Be Mirrors For Each Other

Working couple dancing on beach during a romantic get-away.

Mirroring is a subtle form of communication that boosts empathy. What about mirroring each other's rhythm and pace? It could be while walking, rowing, or doing a Wakeout lower back warmup session in the morning. Your mirror mimicry is another way to learn more about each other’s feelings and physical limits. Like when to back off or nudge in another direction.

Create Bonding Routines & Rituals

Look at all the routines you already have happening. Some of them are rather robomatic – they happen with nary a thought! Whoa, when you stop to think about that, it’s close to frightening. Then, face it, some routines blend well with couple life, and others, ugh, not so much. The hint here is to build in some new routines and rituals that are compellingly cooperative.

Partners working at home engaged in one of their brain-storming routines. 

Good Morning! Really?

What about the start of your day? Come on, you know there’s routine to it. That’s the stuff that rouses you even when it’d be more fun to roll over. Hmm, maybe snuggle some more. Instead you groan yourself upright to stretch your limbs.

Guess what? That simple act of movement breaks can be turned into an up-and-at-’em exercise routine! You each grab a pillow and do cross tosses. Next, switch the size of the pillows and toss distance. Or, try out crane stance tossing…you know, standing on one leg. Do that and toss using your nondominant hand. Hope you don’t topple! It’s such a good way to create laughter – whatever will the neighbors think?

You get it! Put your own twists into physical activity play. There’s the added benefit of an emotional bond that’s generated as you laugh together. Wow, that’s lots better than grumbling about the gajillion things needing attention.

After Supper Clean-Up

Oh gosh, some routines are beyond dull! Like cleaning up after supper with its scraping, storing, rinsing, and washing stuck-on stuff. Darn good thing the meal was yummy.

Yes, kitchen clean-up time can be turned into a physical activity break. It’s a routine that can signal the start to your evening. Clearing the table and cleaning up is a good time for body twists, lower back stretches, and stretches in general. Why not make each new move extra-outrageous. Extend that stretch while putting things away, or try out deep squats while washing all those nooks and crannies. Sure…why not? Do those tomorrow!

Adults-Only Rituals

You read that right. Just the two of you. No kids. No pets. After all, this is about togetherness. So, you ask, how do we turn indoor and outdoor time into something, um, special and physical, as in becoming lovingly limber?

Why not put a Wakeout twist into outings or at-home date nights? Pick your favorite physical activity breaks you do as a couple. Not sure – try out one of the morning routines. Or replace pillow tossing with a frisbee or beach ball. What about wind down for a soothing release? This 3-minute routine is super for mirroring!

The point is that creating your own special rituals unfurls the togetherness benefit that happens with trying something new.

That includes the new routines and info Wakeout brings you every week! It’s an extra plus to have benefits that extend beyond your home office and workday tasks.

Physical Activity Breaks: Benefits to Rave About Forever
Is your chair-butt relationship evolving to an unhealthy degree of a slump? You can break this dwindling bond by bouncing along with short physical activity breaks. Just a couple of days in, you’ll catapult to life and discover the world of mental, physical, and up-to-work-speed benefits.
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