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Spoiler alert - it’s probably not coffee.

While it checks off most of the criteria, the roasted beverage is not best served in the morning. Yes, we know it’s a bitter gulp to swallow, but it’s not as bitter as the heebie-jeebies you get after your third cup. Magic only lasts so much and just one sip too much is known to annoy ants in your pants.

So, why is black joe best spooned out a bit later? In a survey carried out by OnePoll, as reported by Yahoo news, only 29% of people who quaff coffee early bounce off the walls in the afternoon. As much as 79% admit defeat to an afternoon slump. Why, you may wonder again?

Well, it has something to do with coffee interfering with your natural coming-to-life processes. And yes, blame it on coffee intake. At sunrise, your cortisol starts flooding your body naturally in order to wake you up. Sipping down on a roasted beverage contributes to its overflood - which in turn results in your battery drainage later on.

Ah yes, the puzzle…

The answer’s a light morning exercise - we know for certain it easily tops coffee!

  1. It’s best served in the morning because that is when the exercise has a ripple effect on your energy levels. Exercise increases your core body temperature which is also a signal to your brain to wake up and start the day.
  2. It carries stimulating effects because it gets the blood flowing to your brain and organs. Plus it induces happy hormones.
  3. It is so popular due to its undeniable fruit-bearing outcomes.
  4. Even your aunt is doing light exercises regularly simply because it is manna from heaven.

7 Morning Exercises to Rouse You From Sleep

We hope you have a wonderful, jubilant, and energy-bursting day today. Here's a promising start.

#1 Can't Get Ups

Still too early? Then feel free to half-a$$ it and make allowance for a slow start.

morning bed exercise with arms touching the feet

#2 Arms Fell Asleep

Pick up your limbs, get up and scisor-cut your can'ts.

man sitting in bed warming up his arms and shoulders

#3 Free Sweeps

Now, get up (finally) and stretch your back and hamstrings. Let the blood move to that lovely brain of yours. You'll need your wits for the day.

man swinging his arms in lose way

#4 Full Circle

You're a divider, and these are your circles:

Gong Qi energy circles

#5 Elbow to Knee

Both sides! Oh btw, we got more of those back pain-relieving stretches!

elbow to knees lady doing exercise

#6 Squat Victory

Activate those hips and shoulders.

a woman in pajamas doing victory squats

#7 Coffee Lifts

Gotcha! Coffee is a morning constitution you cannot let go of just yet. Let's put it to purpose then.

asian lady doing coffee lifting exercise


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