Stress displays very palpable cues.

Your facial expression - sad. Your thoughts - spaced out. Your presence - past tense. Your tantrums - raging grizzly bear. Your well-being - 😨.

No good. Plus, you’re on a springboard waiting to get belly-flopped off to a pool of issues. Like sleepless nights and irritability are not enough, the burnout creeps around and you experience a plethora of health issues.

With stress piling up, it feels like the world’s turned upside down and you seem to have forgotten the anti-gravity-spin spandex. And, heart-to-heart, you never want to forget the anti-gravity-spin suit. Like, never.

Stress is a problem at the workplace!

62% of participants surveyed by ComPsych report having high levels of stress at the workplace. Extreme work-related fatigue and feeling out of control pop up as main aftershocks.

There are many reasons why this happens and ways to act against it. It’s a topic for another piece. However, one sneaky stress agent plays a crucial role in making you feel like excrement.

It’s your office chair - wait wow wa we what? The hell if this didn’t drop a bombshell! There you are stressing like crazy, your honcho squeezing you like a rubber duck, and we’re blaming it on your chairs? Bananas!

But yes, we are - your sedentary workday acts as a booster shot to your accumulated stress. That tense, nervous clog - thanks to your sitting - has nowhere to go. It’s stuck inside you and boils at above 200 °F loading up your already loaded and stressed mind.

Physical activity breaks to the rescue!

And let us tell you - physical activity breaks work like a charm.

Physical activity breaks - minor work interruptions where you jog, dance, or wiggle along 5 exercises - are something stressed workers can make great use of.

This study, done in 2021, actually says that physical activity breaks spark up your good mood. Another one alludes that self-paced physical movement is a worthwhile activity.

Point is, movement can reverse the effects of stress and leave you a bit happier and more relaxed. Loud and clear now - you got to keep it lively and fun. These 5 exercises can help you get there and tuck you in a premium anti-gravity-spin suit!

#1 "Hold me back" fist-clenching

Invite all of it! Yep, clench your fists and hold right there.

Adult clenching fists doing physical activity breaks

#2 Ridiculous shake-offs

Now, release Goku-style. Let it all out with quirky movement!

A woman in brown suspenders shaking of ridiculously

#3 Soothing embrace

Back to a working temperature, huh? Now, it's time you push off the bad and embrace the good vibes. Remember to breathe and do some chair yoga.

A woman sitting doing hand movement exercise

#4 Anti-stress shields

Expecting more jitters your way? Well, protect yourself and stay strong!

Woman sitting widening and bringing together her arms in exercise

#5 Do-happies

No matter what, remember you're cool and happy. Here's something that should help you. Enjoy this one, feel free to get loose!

Woman dancing and feeling herself to the rythm

Excess-sitting got you into (back) problems? Here, something to start with:

1-minute lower back tension release at the office
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