Slowing down before calling it a night promotes improved sleep quality. Mental inertia sped up by the day's stimulating events needs a start and a stop point. If you don't have a ritual of some sort that puts a clean break on when you need your brain to be at full revolutions, you might take your scheming thoughts with you to bed. And unlike a fuzzy teddy bear or a warm partner, work thoughts are not great at cuddling.

A wind down ritual serves as a strong signal to yourself that bedtime is nigh. A good wind down ritual contains many relaxing prompts that slowly put the brakes on our creative minds. Slipping into your jammies, sipping on hot chamomile tea, writing a few thoughts about the day, to name a few, puts your mind at ease. Whatever was left undone can wait until tomorrow. Sleep is our priority right now.

A new part of your bedtime routine

This new routine is designed to be integrated into your wind down ritual. After you've gone through the initial motions of your bedtime routine, sit on the bed for a moment. Look around, take it in. This is your peace palace. You place of zen. Everything that comes inside this space brings you peace. This includes your thoughts.

As you perform these movements, close your eyes. Let your breath slow down to a rhythmic massage. Think about the fantastic places you'd like to visit in your dreams. When the session concludes, take a deep breath and slide into the warm embrace of your blankets. Let your head sink eternally into your pillow and turn off the lights.

A yoga bedtime routine stretching

Stretches, movements and breaths

Designing a great routine that fits into people's wind down routine is challenging. Movements need to be gentle, but they also need to help you release the day's tension. Anyone should be able to perform the movements from the comfort of their beds, in pajamas. And lastly, they must induce a sense of peace.

This pack contains stretches that give the body more range of motion. This can be helpful when sleeping, as your sleep position can be enjoyed for longer. The movements are rhythmic in nature, so they soothe your senses and help you sleep. But these movements also help release tension stored in the body. Lastly, we made sure these movements could be done on the bed wearing your coziest pajamas.

Try this 3-minute wind down routine that will melt away the day's tension

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