What we do in the morning defines our day. What we do in the morning consistently, day in, day out, has an astounding influence on our life.

Well begun is well done, as they say.

We've put together a little science behind crafting your ideal morning routine. Our goal is to give your life a massive boost from minimal effort. And best of all, two weeks in, it will feel like riding a bicycle.

Why is the morning routine so important?

Having a morning routine is an essential component of the good life. Having one means you're doing the set of vital and self-nurturing small activities each morning you wake up.

You could argue that the endless alarm-clock snoozing is also a morning routine if you do it on a consistent basis - and you’d be right, in theory. But it’s not the point. You would miss out on the “healthy” aspect of the whole concept. You can recognize a healthy morning routine if it’s serving a good purpose - easing you into the day, getting you in the right mood, increasing physical and mental alertness, getting you clean and fresh, and more.

Besides the purpose, there are two pivotal reasons why it’s so important to have a morning groove.

First, it has much to do with what compounds the routine - the healthier ingredients, the better the upshots. Doing more of what’s proven to be best for you, each morning, will pay dividends later.

Second, showing up for your morning routine has the same nuanced effect as making your bed in the morning. Navy Seals swear by this principle- They say a small win early in the day kick-starts your winning streak.

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How to design the perfect morning routine?

Let’s split this up into manageable steps you can follow. Coming up with your own routine after you’ve read this will be as easy as ABC.

#1 Start at night

The intention is the word of the day. Try to bring the routine to your awareness before going to bed. More importantly, get a good night’s rest - you’ll be less likely to wake up with sleep inertia.

#2 Wake up at the same time you did yesterday

Nope, we’re still not at the fun part. Yet we are possibly at the most crucial one. Multiple studies support the claim that waking up at the same time can have positive short-term and long-lasting effects - like a stronger immune system, better digestion, and hormonal balance.

The test-and-tried layman’s reason to wake up at the same time is simple… Following up on your morning routine will be a lot easier. Actually, following up on anything that day will be a breeze.

#3 Don’t drink the coffee just yet

Rather, just raise the blinds and let the light come through first. The light is the stimulus that helps your body to wake up, naturally and sufficiently. Just go easy on the shutters. Pulling it too hard will cause you to feel like a vampire caught by the light.

At first, it might be hard without the sips of roasted black magic - but trust the process, you’ll get the handle of it.

The reason why you shouldn't drink coffee first thing is that there are systems in your body that do a better job of waking you up. More so than coffee. In fact, the circadian rhythm of cortisol production votes against it because the coffee affects the way it works naturally. Better wait until brunch time and then sip some down the throat when you really need it.

#4 Get some joy and exercise in

In their book, Xander & Spall say there is a reason the morning people can soar up from bed. The key? They wake up to the activities they really enjoy. No, they don't succumb to guilty pleasures. They do what feels joyful - they read a book, take a walk, write a journal, learn to draw, engage in exercise, etc.

If you have an issue hearing the words exercise, joy, and morning in a single sentence - we understand, sleepy bear. But don’t bounce away this far in the article. There is a reason we can group it all up.

First, it’s good to get the body moving early in the morning. It fills up that empty coffee mug you tossed away for later.

Exercise increases alertness and helps support a healthy circadian rhythm. You get a sustainable boost in energy, mood, and focus that lasts throughout the day. Moreover, early morning activity may be your best bet to lose weight, according to a study done by EBioMedicine published in 2015.

Finally it can help with appetite control, blood glucose control, and pressure management.

If you're wondering how to integrate this into your busy schedule, we have two words for you - convenience and fun. The formula is simple - subscribe to an exercise routine you look forward to, that does not take too much time, and that kicks you in the butt laughing. It will finally feel like you’re enjoying yourself and not exercising.

This is precisely what Wakeout is all about. It’s a mobile app that managed to pull together a grumpy man’s impossible feat - merge exercise, joy, and morning into a single notion.

To wrap things up…

  • You need a good morning routine to set you up for the day
  • A morning routine can make your life better in general
  • Showing up to a morning routine starts the winning streak
  • Morning routines start at night
  • Wake up at the same time every day
  • Get rid of the coffee in the morning
  • Include exercise and joy in your mornings
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