Red highrise panties. Fluorescent tights. Leg warmers. Pinky sweatbands damped in bodily moisture. All this outfit chaperoned by absolutely rip-roaring beats, flashy moves, electric energy, and high-speed tempo.

Yes, we’re reminiscing of the feel-the-burn era - the 80s aerobics euphoria!

Not all of us got a chance to scream and jump along the VHS players back then. However, some of us were lucky enough to witness our moms coming back home from the gym (or from a TV set) in bombinated spirits - uplifted, happy, joyful, ecstatic, and, you know… all the rest of the 80s adjectives. Until now.

Today we’re releasing the first of a series of fun morning Wakeouts designed to help you start your day with energy and a smile.

Aerobics instructor doing side hand raises

Fun + Aerobics = Funrobics

Richard Simmons and likes, magnetized your mom, your ant, her mom, and your neighbours' mom not only because of their flamboyant personalities. No, they drew people in because workouts were super fun and they burned away calories like mad.

Modern workouts are missing a few ingredients aerobics used to bathe in. Instead of over-engineering exercises for gains, aerobics designed the drills for joy and thrill. On top of that, they left plenty of room for silliness, offbeat shouting, and a bunch of weird movements. Which, in turn, made everyone feel great, not only after but during a workout.

Fast-forward today, Wakeout is bringing the 80s back. Full-force.

There are some updates, though. It’s not exactly aerobics, but Funrobics.

VHS is out, and you don’t have to wear leg warmers, thank god... Dancing, giddiness, and buzzing energy, however, are still there - more charged than ever. Also, you are the trainee now, not your elders. But if they bop along in the background make sure you buy them the right outfit - colourful leotards and bodysuits.

Get your groove on! We are about to turn the nostalgia into full-tilt fun and jolly.

Here we go now! One. Two. Three. Aaaaand… Well, hit the playbutton already! ⚡🙌🏻

Try this 3-minute routine tomorrow morning

Tomorrow start your day with this energy-filled retro routine that will surely get your spirits up to get the most out of your day.


Need more morning wake-up dancing grooves? Gotcha!

Add a little dancing to your morning routine
There are two types of people in this world. Morning larks that thrive very early in the day and morning sloths that move at the same speed plants grow. Regardless of what type you are, could we all agree early birds wake up to a fresher start? Good. Very good.
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