Since I can remember, "exercise" has dominated health discussions. While we were focusing on that, a more insidious foe slipped unnoticed into our lives—the sedentary lifestyle. We're gearing up to launch a feature that puts this subtle adversary under the spotlight, so we can tackle it head-on: The Sedentary Index.

The War Against the Sedentary Lifestyle, and Why It's Important

Our society is more sedentary than ever. A report from the World Health Organization reveals an alarming trend: people worldwide are becoming less active, leading to a surge in global obesity and deaths from non-communicable diseases. We're embroiled in a societal health crisis.

Our forthcoming Sedentary Index aims to turn the tide. It's a pioneering feature in the health and wellness landscape, meticulously crafted to measure, analyze, and help mitigate the health challenge of our era: a sedentary lifestyle.

To Win This War, We Must Move More, Not Just Exercise

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: exercise alone can't offset the damage of prolonged sitting. The antidote? Regular, hourly movement. As research demonstrates, even a minute of movement every hour can make a difference. That's where the Sedentary Index will play a crucial role in disrupting the status quo.

The Sedentary Index will gather a wealth of data to provide you with accurate, real-time insights on your movement and inactivity patterns, including steps, stair climbs, Wakeouts, exercise, standing time, active time, active calories, and general motion.

But it doesn't end there. The Sedentary Index also integrates with other health, fitness, yoga, and stretch apps that log to Apple Health, ensuring all your physical activity is counted, no matter where it's recorded. Every step, stretch, or yoga pose counts towards your Sedentary Index score, giving you a comprehensive, hour-by-hour view of your activity.

This integration results in a comprehensive, hour-by-hour view of your activity patterns, allowing Wakeout to intervene with encouraging prompts to get you moving. Every step, every stretch, every bit of movement is valued and contributes to your Sedentary Index score.

Coming Soon

The Sedentary Index isn't just a feature—it's a personal health revolution. It's about gaining deep insights into your lifestyle habits, empowering you to shake off the sedentary norm and embrace a more active lifestyle with brief physical activity breaks.

The Sedentary Index is set to launch in the coming weeks. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to be among the first to know when it goes live. Here's to healthier, more active days ahead!

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