This is where the unexpected guru comes into the mix.  

To keep'em happy and stretchy - and avoid tears, strains, and teardrops - science sort of agrees you should go PAC-MAN on your tendons. That is if you want to achieve the full-bore high score.

👻 Run from ghosts. Just like a PAC-MAN, if you want your tendons to survive - excuse us - thrive, you mustn't stop. Stay active and you'll leave the spooky Swayzes (aka ghosts) scared away in the long haul.

⍩⃝ PAC Power Pellets. As in Protein (collagen production), A vitamin (collagen renewal), and C vitamin (collagen development). To maintain steady PAC levels, next time you munch on your healthy snack drop in some carrots, eggs, and - of course - cherries and strawberries. 🍒⍩⃝

❄️Freeze them like PAC-MAN. Isometrics - exercises where you hold your body frozen in one position for timely stretches - provide immediate pain relief to your tendons. Wall sits, planks, glute bridges, static lunges, pull-ups - there's so much!

🕹️ Stretch the game. The same way you try to stretch PAC-MANs existence in a pixelated maze, you should always apply stretches to your tendons. In fact, stretching your efforts so that yoga or even chair yoga fits your lifestyle will keep your tendons strong and perky for decades.

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