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Exercise breaks

This is where all the new workplace exercises will land

Fun Physical Activity Breaks for a Healthier Workday
Movement breaks you can do at your desk, at work or in your home office. Frequent active breaks are a proven way to reduce neck and back pain, as well as help you feel energized through the day.

Articles to have Healthier Workdays

This is our corner of the internet where you can find our research and finding that enable people to have healthier workdays

Healthy Workdays with Wakeout
Learn how to prevent neck and back pain, burnouts, ways to preserve mental health working from home and more.

Articles on Workplace Health

We're creating a resource for business owners and managers to help their team stay healthier and happier

wakeout for teams - Wakeout
Your source for stretches and movements to reduce lower back pain. Office exercises to increase energy. Have healthier workdays with Wakeout now.