Today we wrapped up the production of the first ever "Community Packs", new stretches and movements inspired directly from your feedback. Thank you to all 583 people who filled out last week's survey, letting us know what Wakeouts they wanted.

Here's the result of that survey:

Today we produced the top 5 packs as voted by you, the Wakeout community. The packs with a blue star above were recorded today.

Additionally, we also produced the Hip Pain pack. Despite not getting too many of the votes, we know it's important based on email requests we've received over the past months.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of the New Community Wakeout Packs

Meet Mutti, she's a wonderful, high-energy woman we just loved working with. She brought the laughs and great vibes to help us film the new Spinal Health and Hip Pain Relief packs. She herself told us she was feeling great afterwards, especially after doing the spinal health pack, which contains some delicious yoga-inspired movements.

This is Pao, Mutti's daughter! Like mother, like daughter, Pao is all energy and laughter. She did the Anti-Stress Relief and Improved Mobility Stretches packs and was wonderful at it. The anti-stress pack itself involves a lot of deep breathing techniques, which meant we had her doing heavy inhales and exhales for over 10 minutes. Despite the challenge, she did it gracefully and never got light-headed!

Lisandro was a total pro and a master bringing the Midday Energy and Lower Back strength packs to life. We were having a good laugh, as the Midday Energy pack involves a lot of self-smacking. It's odd, but trust us when I say it will wake you up better than a coffee. Lisandro was definitely very alert after filming!

The Power of Community: Defeating the Sedentary ApocalypseTogether!

These new packs are a reflection of the power of community. This is the start of a new way of doing things at Wakeout. Because we know that winning the war on sedentarism will require a cultural shift, something that can only be done together.

Expect these new packs to start landing in the app in the coming weeks!

Thank you for energizing and inspiring our work!

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