Steve Jobs once said that "the only way to do great work is to love what you do." How much we love what we do depends on what we do, and how we do it. Because no matter how impactful your industry is, if you're trading personal well-being to perform your labor, the profits might not be worth it.

At Wakeout, we oftentimes get a philosophical like this because we're passionate about healthy work. Healthy Work, to us, means that you're advancing in your goals sustainably (healthwise). While you're pushing the world forward with your work, you're preserving your mind and body (and posture) such that you're able to enjoy the fruits of your labor after all has been said and done.

Today we're launching a much anticipated Arms Only pack. This pack features more than a dozen exercises that are a delight to do right at your desk. You stay seated this time, using only your arms to power up the rest of your body.

Movements like the "alternating arm raises" target your shoulders and upper back. "Happy bends" will get blood flowing through your core and arms. This pack is a great way to interrupt that lifeless "T-Rex" position we all embody during the workday.

Out now, included in your subscription.

Try the new pack for free on our Youtube channel

Check out the new pack with this delicious 1-minute routine just for your arms. Make sure you subscribe to our channel to get routines like this when they drop.

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